Global Research Group

Program Details

Microsoft presentationGRG Consultant Teams provide unique interdisciplinary expertise along with advanced training in writing, research, qualitative and quantitative data collection, data evaluation and analytics, impact analyses, leadership, and teamwork.

Consultants work within the timeline of the organization and participate in regular briefings with their client to ensure that the project is both consistently on track and meeting the organization’s needs. Final deliverables are customized in line with the client’s desires and always include evidence-based insights on how to increase the likelihood of achieving the client’s strategic and operational objectives.

Who are the GRG Consultants?

  • Advanced undergraduate students
  • Graduate-level senior students
  • Faculty project leads

A standard project cycle is six–eight weeks, though longer or shorter engagements can be accommodated.

Consultants participate in regular client briefings to ensure a project is on schedule and meeting the client’s needs.

What skills do GRG Consultants provide?

  • Literature reviews
  • Country and region-specific briefings
  • Impact analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation research
  • Political and legal institution assessments
  • Survey design and implementation
  • Data analysis and visualizations
  • Interviewing clients, stakeholders, partners
  • Qualitative analyses
  • Geopolitical risk assessment
  • User research

Final deliverables always include evidence-based recommendations for strategically advancing client goals and objectives.