Global Research Group

Client Experience

In an increasingly competitive and interconnected global marketplace, the most pressing issues faced by organizations today are inherently international. GRG consultants, senior consultants, and project leads integrate cutting-edge academic research and deep knowledge of international issues to address the client’s real-time demands with optimal impact.

International Policy Institute Fellows and undergraduates presenting cybersecurity research at Microsoft

Jackson School faculty, International Policy Institute Fellows and undergraduates presented cybersecurity research at Microsoft on June 9, 2016, as part of an ongoing collaboration with the private sector to give students a client-driven research experience.

With an interdisciplinary education founded in economics, international relations, and advanced language study, Jackson School students are particularly qualified to tackle such challenges.¬†GRG consultants are recruited from a pool of high-achieving Jackson School students. Jackson School students must apply for entry into the department — a competitive process that ensures that student excellence is the baseline in the School. In addition, the undergraduate major is known as one of the most challenging on campus. The combined entry requirements and training mean that students in the department are highly skilled. We select students from this already strong group using a rigorous application process.

Clients have the opportunity to customize their project scope and deliverable in coordination with the GRG project lead, allowing them to ensure that they are getting what they need from their dedicated consulting team. In addition to gaining valuable data and contributing to the educational mission of the UW, past GRG clients have also utilized the program as a recruitment mechanism, identifying talented students to join their team full-time upon graduation.