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Film About Disappearing Coral Reefs Voted First Runner-up for Best Documentary At SIFF

October 15, 2017

The Center for Global Studies was proud to co-sponsor the film “Chasing Coral“at the 2017 Seattle International Film Festival. From the makers of “Chasing Ice,” this film captures the world’s changing oceans through the adventures of a team of divers, photographers and scientists. The film went on to win first runner up for the Best Documentary in Seattle’s Golden Space Needle Audience Awards.

Film Producer Larissa Rhodes, and Film Director Jeff Orlowski with Sarah Wilke, Executive Director of SIFF

The film shows the changing faces of coral reefs as they transform from vibrant hubs of life, to what one viewer describes as “vast stretches of stone-gray fossil.” The audience is asked to contend with these compelling images of rapidly changing oceans, and to consider their stance on climate change. Kelly Erlandson, who works for the Seattle International Film Festival, describes “What an impactful film; I never thought I would cry at the sight of coral, but that definitely happened!”

The film is produced directed by Jeff Orlowski and produced by Larissa Rhodes as an Exposure Labs Production. It was filmed over three years, 650 hours of which were spent filming underwater! Footage from over thirty countries, with the support of more than 500 people around the world makes this film a feat of imagination, partnership, and commitment.

“It took a village to make this film, and we are so grateful for all of the support from our film-making team, our Executive and Associate Producers, amazing partners, and the hundreds of people that came together to make this possible,” expresses the team.

View the photo album from the Chasing Coral screening here, and read more about the film here!

View the photo album from the Chasing Coral screening here

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