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Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder

The Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder is a digital tool and a supporting community of educators. They provide free lesson plans for teachers and educators, focused on current events and world issues in the news today. View some of the most popular lessons here!

Sample Lesson Plan Themes

Students explore Afropunk as a global social catalyst and consider art and fashion’s relationship to identity, culture, and social movements.




Tyler Hicks/New York Times

Students explore reporting on the Yemeni war and consider: What forms can war take, and how does it affect civilians directly and indirectly? How can journalists report on a conflict well?



Documenting Stories of Resilience: Ballet in Brazil’s Favelas  Middle School, High School

This lesson explores how film is used to tell the stories of young ballerinas in Brazil’s favelas, resulting in art and/or research projects examining resilience.




Video Discussion: Exploring Democracy with Formerly Incarcerated People   Middle School, High School, College

Engage students in a dialogue about democracy with photojournalist Andrea Bruce and members of a re-entry program in Memphis, Tennessee.



Students will consider the relationship between humans and the natural world through evaluating a podcast, exploring photography, discussion, and writing.



Independently and collaboratively, students piece together photo puzzles and investigate the stories behind them, all the while considering: Why is it important to seek out the full story?




Students evaluate two broadcast stories on the battle for land in the Brazilian Amazon in order to craft arguments about how they think land in the Amazon should be used.




By the end of this lesson, students will be able to evaluate how photojournalist Daniella Zalcman communicates interviews with blended photography in order to create their own blended portraits that communicate how their identities are impacted by significant memories.


photographs by Daniella Zalcman