Business Lightning Talks 2023

Ethical Sourcing: Sustainability at its Origin
A Series of Business Lightning Talks

Tuesday, February 28, 12-2pm EST | Register here

Individuals taking small steps towards combating climate change in our everyday lives can make big impact over time. One of those steps is awareness of companies’ sourcing. How are the companies we frequent sourcing their supply chains? How are they protecting local resources? How are they empowering their consumers to combat climate change with their wallets? Join our speakers as they cover these topics and more in this series of lightning talks from a global perspective.

12:00pm EST      From Social Responsibility to Social Impact; Jiao Luo, University of Minnesota

12:20pm EST      Water Facilitation in Latin America; Mauricio Chavarria Osorio, Global Environment Technology Foundation

12:40pm EST      Global Sustainability and Compliance in Retail; Stacey Schukar, Costco

1:00pm EST        Powering the Ethical Supply Chain; Kristiane Davidson, To the Market

1:20pm EST        Change Your Clothes, Change the World: Join the Fashion Revolution; Nikkie Anderson, Change Boutique

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Presented by: Institute for Global Studies at the University of Minnesota; Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida; Center for Global Studies at the University of Washington; Center for European Studies at the University of Florida; and the Institute for Regional and International Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In cooperation with the UW Global Business Center