For Students

Certificate in EU Studies


This certificate program is open to students pursuing a BA or MA in any major at the University of Washington. Students study the politics of the European Union and key issues affecting European integration such as economic integration, and Common Security and Defence Policy. Majors in European Studies who opt for the EU Studies Certificate program will also be expected to write their senior thesis on an issue pertaining to the European Union.

Students may also receive the EU Studies Certificate by attending the University of Bath program and completing #4 of the requirements listed below. This program is coordinated by the EU Center. 

The EU Studies Certificate is awarded to students who complete at least one course within each of the following four categories:

1) Western Europe and the EU

  • JSIS A 302 Politics and Cultures Europe
  • POL S 324 Europe in World Politics
  • POL S 346 Governments of Western Europe
  • POL S 530 Trans-Atlantic Relations

2) Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the EU

  • POL S 326 Scandinavia in World Affairs
  • POL S 420 Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy
  • POL S 437 Politics in Scandinavia
  • POL S 445 Politics and Society in Eastern Europe

3) EU Politics, Law, and Economics

  • ECON 475 Economics of the European Union
  • POL S 415 Women’s Rights in an Integrated Europe
  • POL S 448 Politics of the European Union
  • POL S 460 Political Economy of the European Union

4) The EU in Seattle: Working with Practitioners

  • EURO 395 Internship with European Chambers of Commerce
  • EURO 490 EU Simulation
  • EURO 490 EU Special Topics Seminars given by EU Fellows