Ian Macwhirter Speaks to “Scandinavia in World Politics”

“Disunited Kingdom: How Westminster Won a Referendum but Lost Scotland”

Iain Macwhirter, an Edinburgh-based author, political commentator, and television presenter, spoke to 80 students in a course entitled “Scandinavia in World Politics,” offered jointly in Political Science and Scandinavian Studies.

Providing a detailed account of the reasons why Scotland seeks independence, and the Brits oppose the idea, Iain was a highly engaging speaker. The students queried him about the relationship between Brexit and the Scottish decision, wherein he clearly connected these two processes, informing them of the necessary changes and a possible European Union application from Scotland.   The class also discussed what small states like Scotland produce now that the oil is gone, and there was concern over the ways independence might shape up economically.

Very impressive presentation, and a lot to ponder, as this is likely to continue to play out over the coming years.