Trans-Atlantic Studies Program

Apply to TASP

Application Deadlines

October 17, 2016 for Spring Quarter 2017

April 17, 2017 for Fall  Quarter 2017


Any graduate student or upper-division undergraduate student who is currently enrolled in a UW degree program may apply. Selection will be made on the basis of the following criteria: degree of demonstrable interest in EU or trans-Atlantic Studies; quality of overall academic record; and depth of background in related subject areas.

Please submit all your application materials to the Jean Monnet Project by the deadline. In order to be considered for this program students must submit, by the application deadline, unofficial copies of their transcripts to the European Union Center of Excellence at the address listed below. Also note that IPE’s application website does not distinguish between TASP and the direct exchange programs offered at Bath, therefore you must specify that you are applying to TASP while filling out the application form.


Application Checklist
All of the following materials must be submitted to the International Programs & Exchanges office (IPE), via their program application website, by the application deadline:

___ Program Application

___ Statement of Purpose

___ 1 Academic Recommendation

___Copies of transcripts sent to the EU Center

___Note on IPE’s application form that you are applying to TASP

In the statement of purpose, students should explain how their academic and personal experiences have prepared them to participate in the Trans-Atlantic Studies program, and how the program will complement and further their undergraduate or graduate education. See also the selection criteria listed under the eligibility section (above).

The letter of recommendation can come from faculty or instructors or TAs.


Program Costs
Students in the Trans-Atlantic Studies Program pay their regular UW home tuition for 1.5 quarters and receive 20-25 UW credits for their work in Bath. Students participating in the full academic year option pay 3 quarters of UW tuition. Students on the program will maintain concurrent UW enrollment, which allows them to keep their UW student status for financial aid and count transferred classes towards residence credit requirements for graduation. UW students will pay the their UW tuition fees,  plus a concurrent enrollment fee to the International Programs and Exchanges Office. There are NO additional tuition or fees at the University of Bath. Students are responsible for their own housing and transportation, but travel grants are usually available.


The Optional US Module at the UW (Spring Quarter)
Trans-Atlantic Studies students returning from the Autumn Module at Bath have the option of taking two American Module courses during the Spring Quarter. This includes the special seminar “U.S. and Europe in Comparative Perspective” plus one other course on American politics or society. Students who have done a significant amount of previous work on American themes may petition for exemption from the second course. Students who complete both modules are eligible for the Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies from the EU Center of Excellence.