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Winter 2021: JSIS A 494 European Studies Senior Seminar

Winter 2021

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Meeting Time: TTh 8:30 – 10:20 AM

Location: Online

SLN: 16078

Joint Sections: POL S 447

Instructor: Niko Benjamin Switek

Additional Details:

Germany in Europe: From Divided State With a Legacy to Trusted Partner
to Guardian of Liberal Democracy?

Quite some Americans look with admiration to German Chancellor Angela
Merkel. In the wake of President Trump upending long standing traditions
of US foreign policy, some see her as the most powerful advocate for
liberal democracy, multi-lateralism and free trade. This is an
interesting state of things, regarding the German past: After the
collapse of the Weimar Republic, the fascist rule of Adolf Hitler
brought death and destruction to Europe and the World, ultimately
leaving the country in ruins and divided into two states until the end
of the cold war. This class touches on several key events in German
history and inspects the current political system, party landscape and
society of the reunified Germany. We analyze its trajectory in
comparison to other European states and its role in pursuing European
integration. We reflect on Germany’s position in World politics (e.g.
transatlantic relations, NATO) and examine how the totalitarian past and
and the legacy of a divided state and society continue to shape today’s