Elise Stephenson


Dr Elise Stephenson is the Deputy Director of the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at the Australian National University, founded and chaired by former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard. Elise is a multi award-winning researcher and entrepreneur focused on gender, sexuality and leadership in frontier international relations, from researching space policy, to AI, climate, diplomacy, national security and intelligence, security vetting, international representation, and the Asia Pacific. She is a Gender, Space and National Security Fellow of the National Security College, an adjunct in the Griffith Asia Institute and a Fulbright Fellow of the Henry M Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.

Elise is recognized by Google as one of Australia’s Top 50 Outstanding LGBTIQ+ Leaders, the United Nations Australia Association as a Community Awardee. She is a three-times university medalist, including being recipient of the Chancellor’s Medal for Excellence in PhD Research, the University Medal for Excellence in Honours/Masters Research, and the Politics, Asian Studies and International Relations Medal for Excellence in her Undergraduate Studies. She has published widely in academic and non-academic publications, and her first book, The Face of the Nation: Women in International Affairs is due to be published by Oxford University Press this January (2024).