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2012 West Coast Model EU


The European Union Center of Excellence hosted the 2012 West Coast Model EU on February 10-11, 2012, at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Letter of Invitation

The Model European Union is a simulation of a European Council Summit. Teams made up of two undergraduate students play the roles of representatives of EU member state delegations and the European Commission. At Model EU 2012 participants negotiated issues that will be discussed during the Danish Presidency in the first half of 2012. The 2012 Model EU featured two concurrent summit negotiation sessions focusing on the following issues: A new EU treaty in the wake of the Euro crisis and the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

The 2012 West Coast Model EU was sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence, the Center for West European Studies, and the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies at the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.

2012 West Coast Model EU


Outstanding Head of Government

Hale Shaw
The Claremont Colleges


Outstanding Head of Government

Thomas Baker
Portland State University


Outstanding Minister of Agriculture

Brandall Nelson
Brigham Young University


Outstanding Minister of Agriculture

Kyle Nelson
Brigham Young University


Honorable Mention

Romy Franks
Brigham Young University

Head of Government, Austria

Honorable Mention

Ethan Busby
Brigham Young University

Minister of Agriculture, Austria

Honorable Mention

Dallin Shaner
Brigham Young University

Head of Government, Bulgaria

Honorable Mention

Carolyn Haynie
Brigham Young University

Minister of Agriculture, Bulgaria

Honorable Mention

Nick Tarnovsky
University of Colorado - Boulder

Head of Government, Ireland

Honorable Mention

Erin Altman
University of Oregon

Minister of Agriculture, Luxembourg


Conclusions of the Presidency of the European Council:

Head of State/Government (Treaty change)

Minister of Agriculture (CAP reform) 

The EU Center of Excellence of Seattle was pleased to welcome Deputy Head of Delegation, Delegation of the European Union to the United States
François Rivasseau as the Keynote Speaker of the Model EU Opening Plenary Session.

Model EU Documents
Student delegates participating in the Model EU are expected to prepare a position paper and draft resolution which address the Agenda developed by the Presidency in advance for the Model EU. Here are the position papers for Model EU 2012:

Position Papers


Model EU conference schedule (updated 1/23/2012)

Presidency Agenda (updated 12/20/2011)

Communication of the Model EU Presidency on negotiation topics (updated 11/23/2011)

Rules and Procedures (updated 2/2/2012)

Guidelines Position Papers (updated 11/16/2011)

Guidelines Draft Resolutions (updated 11/16/2011)

Judging Criteria (updated 1/11/20120


Hotel: Note that conference guests will be staying at two hotels, the Watertown and the Maxwell Hotel. The EUC will notify each adviser where each group will be placed. While the Watertown Hotel is within walking distance to the UW campus, the Maxwell is located downtown close to the Space Needle. For both hotels there is a shuttle service available to the conference. We will arrange a shuttle for Maxwell Hotel guests between the hotel and our conference for Friday evening and all day Saturday; however, if you request shuttle service to and from the airport, or outside of conference hours, please contact the hotel directly. Kindly reference our group name 'Model European Union' when contacting the hotel.

The hotel address and phone numbers are:

4242 Roosevelt Way Northeast
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 826 4242

The Maxwell Hotel
300 Roy Street
Seattle, WA 98109
(206)286 0629

Attire: All events for the Model EU will require business dress. Standard delegate attire for the conference is business jacket, slacks (or skirts for women), dress shirt (with tie for men) and dress shoes. Dress sweaters, shorts, ball caps, jeans, sneakers and sunglasses are considered too casual. Clothes that expose excessive bare skin or are otherwise revealing are inappropriate.

Internet Access: Wireless internet access will be provided to West Coast Model EU participants for the duration of the conference. Temporary UW NetID and Password will be provided upon registration at the conference. Please review the University of Washington's Ethics in Computer and Network Use.

Laptops: Personal computers are encourage for use during the negotiation sessions, but are not required. The EU Center cannot guarantee the availability of a power outlet for every participant.

Speeches: At the Opening Plenary Session on Friday, February 10, each Head of Government/ State will be called upon to make a brief speech (strict maximum of 2 minutes) to introduce his or her country's positions on Economic governance and Roma inclusion. Therefore, each Head of Government/ State should consult with their Minister of the Interior to understand their country's position on that issue. 

Useful websites:

Danish EU presidency

European Council - The President

News resources: 

"How to run the euro?" -The Economist, EurActiv Special report on CAP reform 2014-2020

Assigned Country University
Presidency of the European Council University of Washington
European Commission University of Washington
Austria Brigham Young University
Belgium University of Utah
Bulgaria Brigham Young University
Cyprus Portland State University
Czech Republic University of Washington
Denmark University of Washington
Estonia University of Utah
Finland University of Utah
France University of Victoria
Germany Claremont Colleges
Greece Oregon State University
Hungary Claremont Colleges
Ireland University of Colorado - Boulder
Italy Brigham Young University
Latvia Oregon State University
Lithuania University of Victoria
Luxembourg University of Oregon
Malta Gonzaga University
Netherlands University of Oregon
Poland Gonzaga University
Portugal Portland State University
Romania University of Washington
Slovakia Brigham Young University
Slovenia Oregon State University
Spain University of Washington
Sweden Oregon State University
United Kingdom University of Colorado - Boulder


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