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2009 West Coast Model EU

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The European Union Center of Excellence will hold the 2009 West Coast Model EU on March 6-7, 2009, in Seattle. For information about the 2009 West Coast Model EU, please contact the EU Center of Excellence.

Letter of Invitation.

The Model EU is a simulation of a European Council Summit. Teams made up of two undergraduate students playing the roles of representatives of EU member state delegations. This year, the students will negotiate issues that will be discussed during the Czech Presidency of 2009 (Work Programme of the Czech Presidency). The 2009 Model EU will feature two concurrent summit negotiation sessions focusing on the following issues: enlargement and energy security.

The 2009 West Coast Model EU is sponsored by the European Union Center of Excellence, the Center for West European Studies, and the Ellison Center for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies at the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington.

The EU Center of Excellence of Seattle is please to announce the Keynote Address of the Model EU Opening Plenary Session will be given by Mr. Jiri Ellinger, Head of Political Department, Embassy of the Czech Republic to the United States.

2009 Awards

Outstanding Head of State
Lauren Hansen
Outstanding Head of State
Victoria Ann Lyons
Outstanding Energy Minister
Sam McEvoy
Outstanding Energy Minister
Christopher Cunningham
Honorable Mention
Andrew Finley
Netherlands Head of Government
Honorable Mention
Kelly Miller
Poland Head of Government
Honorable Mention
Jeff Dickamore
Romania Head of Government
Honorable Mention
Jessica Miltenberger
Malta Energy Minister


Conclusions of the Presidency from the Energy Minister's Session 

2009 West Coast Model EU

[Above: Participants of the 2009 West Coast Model EU pose for a group photo.]

Model EU Documents

As a delegate participating in the Model EU you are expected to prepare in advance for the Model EU. Adequate preparation before the Model EU will create a better experience for all involved. Students are expected to produce and submit two documents prior to the conference: a position paper, which addresses the Agenda developed by the Presidency, and a proposed resolution, in which students draft a resolution to bring to the negotiations before the conference, and to participate in negotiations during the conference. Submission of these two documents by the due date (February 20, 2009) is required to be eligible for awards. 

Tentative Schedule


Rules and Procedures

Guidelines for Position Papers

Guidelines for Draft Resolutions

Judging Criteria

Position Papers

Country Assignments

Country School
Austria University of Colorado
Belgium University of Victoria
Bulgaria University of British Columbia
Cyprus Portland State University
Czech Republic University of Washington
Denmark Western Washington University
Estonia University of Washington
Finland University of Washington
France Claremont Colleges
Germany Claremont Colleges
Greece University of Utah
Hungary University of Washington
Ireland Western Washington University
Italy Brigham Young University
Latvia will not be represented
Lithuania Portland State University
Luxembourg Brigham Young University
Malta University of Colorado
Netherlands University of Oregon
Poland University of Washington
Portugal University of Victoria
Romania Brigham Young University
Slovakia University of Washington
Slovenia University of Utah
Spain University of British Columbia
Sweden University of Washington
United Kingdom Portland State University


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