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EU Simulation Modules for interactive learning in the classroom

Students at the EU simulation module "Rescue Greece" at the University of Idaho - Moscow.

The EU Center of Excellence now offers 1-2 day EU Simulation Modules that faculty can integrate into their existing university courses on the EU or contemporary Europe. The modules, which focus on intergovernmental decision-making between EU member states, are intended to provide 20-30 students with the opportunity to work on EU-related issues and themes from the class in an interactive learning context. The simulation focuses on current, real-world policy issues and the internal diplomacy of the European Union. The goal of the simulation module is to consolidate the different strands of learning from other parts of the course in an environment that encourages team work, dialogue and a spirit of friendly competition.

The course materials developed by the EU Center of Excellence are designed to be implemented by class instructors for approximately 20-30 students working in two-person teams across one or two class sessions. The EU Center staff can in some cases also offer on-site support for faculty implementing these modules for the first time. Please contact the EUC Center for further details. 

The provided simulation material consists of a syllabus and a working agenda. The syllabus introduces the topic of debate, background on the country and EU institutions teams to be represented during the simulation, simulation rules and procedures, as well as tips for research and possible course assignments. The working agenda specifies the topics of debate during the simulation. Please note that rules and procedures of the simulation module are based on the EU Center’s West Coast Model European Union conference (MEU), making these modules an excellent complement or training tool for the MEU. Syllabi as well as working agenda can be requested by writing an email to The use of the material for University class room use is free of charge.


Available modules:

Simulating the European Union:
Rescue Greece, solve the Euro debt crisis?

This module simulates an EU summit meeting focusing on rescuing Greece and solving the Euro debt crisis. The goals set out by the simulation scenario are to consolidate the Greek economy, improve stability of the Eurozone and prevent future crisis through the introduction of Eurobonds and the Financial Transaction Tax. There is no one correct course of action and students are encouraged to debate a range of options before voting on common policies.

More simulation scenarios are in development.

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