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EU-Northwest Journalist Fellowship

The application for the Eu-Northwest Journalist Fellowship is currently closed. 

The European Union Center of Excellence is pleased to announce an opportunity for Pacific Northwest journalists eager to learn about and report on current developments in the European Union.

Launched in 2009, the EU-Northwest Journalist Fellowship provides the selected print or broadcast journalist the opportunity to spend a week in Brussels, the European Union’s dynamic capital, learning about the EU and pressing issues affecting European integration and transatlantic relations. The program also affords journalists the chance for research and interviews for later print or broadcast.

Professional journalists from the US Pacific Northwest and Northern California are eligible to apply. Exceptional students currently enrolled in journalism programs at accredited Northwest colleges and universities are also eligible to apply. Applicants should preferably have at least three year's experience in media or related experience and must demonstrate how their reporting would benefit from exposure to the European Union. Applicants should have at least three years’ experience in media, and must demonstrate how their reporting would benefit from exposure to the European Union. In addition to the above criteria, the selection committee will give preference to applicants who propose projects which highlight links between Europe and the Pacific Northwest, and who can demonstrate a greater likelihood of having their resulting reporting published or broadcast.

Applicants for the fellowship should submit a CV and cover letter/project proposal to the EU Center of Excellence. Applicants should also submit two examples of their work published or broadcast in the last two years. Application materials should be sent electronically to the EU Center of Excellence at or by mail to:

EU Center of Excellence
Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies
Box 353650
Seattle, WA 98195

The journalist for the fellowship will receive round-trip economy class airfare to Brussels, plus a living allowance of $2,000. Travel will be arranged by the EU Center of Excellence. The staff of the EU Center will provide the award recipient with travel and logistical advice for Brussels, while the EU Delegation in Washington can help arrange meetings with EU officials as requested.

Upon their return, awardees will be invited to give an informal talk to students at the University of Washington about their time in Brussels, what they learned, and how the experience has influenced their perspective on Europe and European integration.

Questions regarding the program can be directed to Phil Shekleton or Eva Dunn at

The inaugural recipient of the EU-Northwest Journalist Fellowship, KPLU Environment Reporter Liam Moriarty, traveled to Brussels in July 2009 to produce a five-part radio series focusing on current European environmental policies and practices and examples they might offer to the Pacific Northwest. The series was broadcast in the fall and is available online at the following website:

Mr. Moriarty received an award for his work, the RIAS Berlin Commission's prestigious "Excellence in Journalism" award. More details can be found at

The 2010 recipient of the award, Brett Campbell, is a freelance writer and editor from Portland, Oregon, traveled to Brussels and Amsterdam to research alternative transportation in European cities.

Joni Balter, the recipient of the 2011 EU-Northwest Journalism Fellowship, is an editorial writer and columnist for the Seattle Times, and an alum of the University of Washington. She traveled to Paris and Brussels to research European experiences of immigration and multiculturalism. One of her articles on the subject can be found here.

The 2012 recipient of the award, Steve Scher, is a host on local public radio station KUOW 94.9FM. The award enabled Mr. Scher to travel to Belgium and several neighboring countries to conduct interviews gauging the effects of the current economic crisis on average Europeans.  Scher can be heard speaking with our Center's director, Jim Caporaso, here. His reports from Europe can be found here

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