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Christopher Piening Memorial Endowment For European Union Studies

Christopher Piening

Since their creation in the 1990s, the Center for West European Studies and the European Union Center of Excellence have focused resources on strengthening graduate student training at the University of Washington in the areas of EU and West European Studies. For this reason, the Chris Piening Memorial Endowment for European Union Studies was established earlier this decade to support graduate student research on the EU, and to recognize the exemplary service of a highly esteemed former UW EU Fellow and European Parliament official. Mr. Piening was a great friend to our program and a great advocate of broader transatlantic friendship and exchange.

Just as our centers have sought to provide resources for European Studies faculty through the provision of academic travel and curriculum development funds, we want to help ensure your graduate students have the best opportunities to grow as scholars and conduct important original research during their UW graduate training. Your previous gift to the Piening fund has already helped further this objective. We now ask you to please help us achieve our goal of further strengthening the Piening fund, and to maximizing the research experiences of the next generation of EU and European Studies specialists.

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Previous Piening Fellows

The Piening Fellowship was first awarded in 2003, and since then, all of the Piening Fellows have continued to be successful and engaging scholars in their fields of study. Profiles of all of the fellows are below.

Victoria Babbit

2007 Fellow


Victoria Babbit is a PhD student in the Geography Department. Her research focuses on issues surrounding citizenship and exclusion, drawing from legal, feminist and political geographical literatures, examining the construction and implementation of prostitution and trafficking laws in Sweden and the European Union. More specifically, Victoria is interested in how these policies serve to create boundaries between 'citizens' and 'others' through the construction of moral borders within the nation. She is spending the 2007-2008 academic year in Sweden. Babbit wrote us regarding the Piening Fellowship, saying, "The EU Center of Excellence Grant and Piening Scholar award have made it possible to pursue many different facets of my research and provided the means to further develop as a scholar in the past few months."

Jennifer Fredette

2006 Fellow

Jennifer Fredette is a graduate student in the Department of Political Science. Her dissertation explores the political and legal mobilization of Muslims in France. Funding from CWES has greatly helped Jennifer in her course of study: thanks to a CWES FLAS, Jennifer was able to study at Sciences Po-Paris in 2004 with the Comparative Federalism program. More broadly speaking, two years of CWES FLAS funding and a Piening Award have made it possible for Jennifer to quickly advance to candidacy in her PhD program, making it possible for Jennifer to pursue such opportunities as a visiting scholar position at Sciences Po-Bordeaux this Fall.
Umut Aydin

2004 Fellow


Umut Aydin received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Washington, Seattle in Summer 2007 and has MA degrees from the University of Washington and from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Her areas of interest are European integration, comparative federalism, international institutions, globalization and the welfare state. Her dissertation, entitled From Competition to Cooperation: Subsidies in the United States, Canada and the European Union, explores the conditions under which governments can regulate competition to attract investment in a world of increasingly mobile capital. Aydin is currently a Max Weber Postdoctoral Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, where she will continue her research on subsidy regulation in multi-level systems and extend this research to the international level.

Adam Luedtke

2003 Fellow


An Assistant Professor in political science, Adam Luedtke received his Ph.D. from University of Washington in 2006, where his dissertation committee consisted of James Caporaso, Terri Givens, Rachel Cichowski and Kathie Friedman. Luedtke's dissertation won the 2007 Best Dissertation prize (honorable mention) from the European Union Studies Association.

His research focuses on immigration, international organizations and globalization. Luedtke has published chapters in three edited volumes, as well as articles in the following journals: Governance, European Union Politics, Policy Studies Journal, Comparative European Politics, and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. He is currently writing a book on immigration politics and policy at the European Union level.

Luedtke was the recipient of a 2007 University Teaching Award and a 2007 Distinguished Teacher Award from the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He was also a finalist for the 2008 College of Social and Behavioral Science Superior Teaching Award, and served as a Mentor for the TA Scholars Program at the University of Utah Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Regarding the Piening Fellowship, Luedtke said, "The Piening-funded research was indispensable to my research accomplishments, as it allowed me to conduct first-hand fieldwork in Europe, including interviews with top politicians and policymakers on the topic of immigration."

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