Resources for Current Students

Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs)

As a Title VI National Resource Center, the Ellison Center has limited funds from the US Department of Education to support Less Commonly Taught Language (LCTL) tutorials and advanced language study courses. These tutorials/courses are designed to allow students to study languages not normally offered at all or at an advanced level at UW. They are not replacements or supplements for regularly offered UW language courses.

LCTL funding is limited and competitive, and students must formally apply for funding. The Ellison Center will consider the following factors when weighing tutorial applications: the importance of the tutorial for achieving students’ professional/academic goals; the number of other students interested in the same language or language level; and the local availability of appropriate native-language tutors.

FLAS applicants will be automatically considered for LCTL tutorials, while other applicants must submit a separate LCTL application.

The Ellison Center will seek to provide successful LCTL applicants with a language instructor as well as a faculty member to oversee language study as funding allows. For further information about LCTL funding, please contact Ellison Center Managing Director Philip Lyon at