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Spring 2021: JSIS A 301 / POL S 332 Europe Today

Spring 2021

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Meeting Time: MW 11:30 am – 12:50 pm

Location: Online

SLN: 15765

Joint Sections: POL S 332

Instructor: Sabine Lang

Additional Details:

This class will introduce you to the political, economic, and social challenges that Europe faces thirty years after the fall of the Wall. Among the most pressing issues are the future of European integration after Brexit; migration politics and the ongoing refugee crisis; the rise of illiberal democracies and new right-wing reactionary movements or parties that want to limit social diversity and inclusion; Turkey’s authoritarian turn, and finding a common response to global problems such as climate change, data protection, or international security politics. We will explore these issues in the context of post-war European integration with its focus on accommodating multiple cultures, languages, and ethnicities, and interrogate the capacities of the EU to cope with multiple simultaneous challenges. How are these issues addressed in member states and on the supranational level of the EU? What remains of the ‘European Model’? Is there a European identity and how does it relate to national identities and multicultural claim making? Throughout the quarter, we will assess how the European Union works and ask if it can be a model for multilevel governance beyond state borders.