Master Teacher Workshops

The Ellison Center offers master teacher workshops for high school and middle school teachers, and community college educators, on a variety of topics related to the REECAS region with the goal of providing practical ways for teachers to bring these themes directly into their classrooms. We bring in expert faculty from around the country and partner with other National Resource Centers from the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and outside educational organizations and nonprofits to carry out these events. We create and curate resources for teachers to use with their students. Some of our recent themes include “Migration and Multiculturalism in Europe,” “The Rise of Populist Movements Across Europe and Russia,” and “Coming to Terms with the Authoritarian Past in Europe and Russia,” and we continue to develop workshops around topics of regional and global relevance.

For community college instructors, we offer curriculum development grants and an annual Community College Master Teacher Institute (CCMTI) presented by the NRCs at the Jackson School. 

For additional information and for upcoming workshops please see our events calendar and view the individual workshop webpages located in the menu on the right.