30 Years Since 1989

30 Years since the Revolutions of 1989

A series at UW remembering the events and assessing the outcomes of Europe’s transformational year.


October 29 @ 1:30

Thomson Hall 317

The Fall of Communism in Romania: A BBC Journalist’s Perspective

Dennis Deletant, Georgetown University

November 6  @ 1:30

Thomson Hall 317

No Place for Russia: European Security Institutions since 1989

William Hill, Kennan Institute

November 7 @ 6:30

HUB 334

The Politics of Memory in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia 30 Years After the Berlin Wall

Laada Bilaniuk, UW; William Hill, Kennan Institute; Conor O’Dwyer, University of Florida;  Scott Radnitz, UW (Chair)

November 8 @ 12:30

CMU 218 D

Coming Out of Communism: The Emergence of LGBT Activism in Eastern Europe

Conor O’Dwyer, University of Florida

November  8 @ 3:00

Allen Lib, Petersen Room

Wunderbar Together: Zeitzeugen Panel & Discussion on the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Uli Fischer, Honorary Consul of Germany; Anja Goertz, Radio Bremen; Manfred Kluge, MD; Joyce Mushaben, University of Missouri; Kristina Pilz, UW; Andre Schuetze, Tulane University; Steven Pfaff, UW

January 23 @ 7:00

Thomson Hall 101

Evolution and  Revolution in the Year of Wonders:  The Fall of Communism in Poland, Hungary & Czechoslovakia in 1989

James Felak, University of Washington