NCTA Summer Seminar – Exploring Asian Art: Trade, Transmission, and Cultural Exchange

Program Start Date: Jul 29 2023

Location: Seattle, WA

  Teachers joined us for a three-day in-person intensive workshop in collaboration with the Seattle Art Museum as we considered the themes of trade, transmission, and cultural exchange. The first day took place on the University of Washington campus with discussion of the historical contexts and conditions of works of art we saw during our

Online NCTA Program: East Asian Legacies of Colonialism and Imperialism

Program Start Date: Jul 10 2023

Location: Online program

This series of standalone online workshops considered the legacies of colonialism and imperialism within an East Asian context. Designed for secondary teachers in Social Studies, History, Art History, Art, Language Arts, English, and Visual Culture, each workshop addressed different aspects of the historical legacy and present-day realities of imperialism and colonialism. Elementary educators were welcome

Real and Imaged Rivers of Japan and China – Online NCTA Seminar

Program Start Date: Aug 10 2023

Location: Online program

This interdisciplinary seminar for K-12 teachers explored how rivers have shaped, and in turn were shaped by human society and the environment in China and Japan. Combining geographic background with artistic representations, and environmental/political perspectives, this workshop helped teachers gain a comparative perspective on Asia’s landscape and culture. Geared toward secondary teachers, course content looked

Online Book Talk – Mind, Body & Soul in “Shadow Life” by Hiromi Goto

Program Start Date: May 16 2023

Location: Online program

Participants joined Professor Kathy Whitham for an online conversation with Japanese Canadian author Hiromi Goto to discuss aging, mortality, intersectionality, independence, body positivity, friendship, living life to the fullest, and other themes in her delightful graphic novel Shadow Life. Professor Whitham lead an author interview, followed by Q&A. About Shadow Life Poet and novelist Hiromi