NCTA Online Seminar: China and Japan Between 1912 and 1939

Program Start Date: Feb 27 2023

Location: Online program

The years between 1912 and 1939 were momentous for Japan and China. In 1912, the Meiji emperor passed from the scene, and Japan faced an uncertain future with a much weaker emperor at the helm. In China, 1912 saw the end of two-thousand years of imperial rule.  China was at a crossroads.  During the next

Teaching Peace with “The Last Cherry Blossom”: A Conversation with Japanese American author Kathleen Burkinshaw 

Program Start Date: Dec 3 2022

Location: Online program

Kathleen Burkinshaw‘s YA historical novel The Last Cherry Blossom is a deeply personal labor of love, loosely based on her mother’s childhood. It promotes world peace and nuclear disarmament through a moving story about Yuriko, a Japanese girl who survives the 1945 Hiroshima bombing. Teachers joined in for an online author interview followed by Q&A.

“Three Brothers: Memories of My Family” by Yan Lianke Online NCTA Book Club

Program Start Date: Dec 8 2022

Location: Online program

Teachers joined Tese Wintz Neighbor for an insightful tribute and heart wrenching journey to rural China in the 1960s and 1970s. Three Brothers: Memories of My Family is a record of Chinese recent history as well as the story of one family. Written by Yan Lianke, it is a powerful and poignant portrait as he recalls