China and Japan Between 1860 and 1912 (NCTA 2022 Seminar)

Program Start Date: Jan 24 2022

Location: Online program

Between the years of 1860 and 1912 Japan and China went through tectonic shifts in every measurable category. Join Dr. Shelton Woods from Boise State University for an online seminar to explore this uniquely interesting and consequential period of history. Topics will include the Taiping Rebellion, China’s Self-Strengthening Movement, the Boxer Rebellion, the Sino-Japan War of 1894-95, the Meiji

Japan: Where We Are At

Program Start Date: Nov 30 2021

Location: Online program

About the “Where We Are At” Series With a 24-hour uninterrupted, busy news cycle, it can be difficult to stay updated on East Asia and to grasp the relevance of the news we see. This online program series helps teachers with a recap of how China, Xinjiang, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan stand on the domestic

Through a Lens: Exploring Contemporary China Through Film, Documentary and Social Media, PART TWO* (NCTA 2022 Seminar)

Program Start Date: Feb 16 2022

Location: Online program

5/1/2021 Update: this program is now at capacity and we interested applicants will be waitlisted. See bottom of the page for details. Journey all across China without the stress of packing, buying a transpacific ticket, jet-lag – not to mention travel restrictions. You will not have to worry about figuring out the Beijing subway system