The Chinese Communist Party – 100th Anniversary (NCTA online program)

Program Start Date: Jul 1 2021

Location: Online program

Participants joined us as Professor David Bachman examined the last 100 years of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and looked ahead to what we might expect for the future of the CCP and China as a whole. The first hour of this online program consisted of a presentation by Professor Bachman, and the second hour was

Write About Asia: 2020 Freeman Award Winners

Program Start Date: Aug 24 2021

Location: Online program

This workshop was sponsored by the East Asia Resource Center (EARC) in the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington with funding from a Freeman Foundation grant in support of the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia (NCTA) and was facilitated by Mary Roberts. During this online workshop, teachers studied

Asian American Activism: Voices, Representation, and Resistance

Program Start Date: Aug 4 2021

Location: Online program

This series of standalone workshops explored examples of Asian American activism – past and present through the themes of identity, immigration, exclusion, protest, resilience, and expression. In looking to the past, we worked to better understand what it means to be Asian American within a contemporary context. Beginning on July 28, 2021, with the first