Creating Accordion Books in East Asian History and Now

Program Start Date: May 19 2021

Location: Online program

In this workshop we looked at examples of accordion books—which are made by folding long sheets of with a cover attached — in a quick tour of their uses in East Asian history. Known as orihon in Japan, accordion books became a popular form for paintings and woodblock prints, for combining text with images, and

Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

March 10, 2021

Write About Asia, Spring 2021 – Sites of Memory in Asia: Remembrance and Redemption

Program Start Date: Apr 3 2021

Write about Asia was offered by the East Asia Resource Center at the University of Washington in conjunction with the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s (SAAM) Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas and its seasonal Saturday University Lecture Series. This series was titled Sites of Memory in Asia: Remembrance and Redemption and looked at how monumental structures encapsulate poignant events

“The Shanghai Free Taxi” Online NCTA Book Club

Program Start Date: Apr 21 2021

Location: Online program

Participants joined Tese Wintz Neighbor on an engaging and touching literary ride through the streets of Shanghai and beyond. The Shanghai Free Taxi: Journeys with the Hustlers and Rebels of the New China is “a master class on how to chronicle a changing country through the personal narratives of its citizens.” The author is NPR correspondent Frank