Through a Lens: Exploring Contemporary China Through Film, Documentary and Social Media

Program Start Date: Mar 17 2021

Location: Online program

This was an online program open to current, in-service K-12 teachers of all subjects. For most Americans the geography, culture, economics, politics, religions and philosophies of China seem more than an ocean away. Chinese documentaries, films, and social media can make this complex country—with its long history and mind-boggling present—more accessible to you and your

“Girls on the Line” NCTA Book Club

Program Start Date: Jan 28 2021

Location: Online program

Attendees joined the EARC to explore relevant, complex issues that affect China today, such as repercussions of the One-Child Policy and its resulting gender imbalance, human trafficking within China, urban-rural migration, factory workers and their rights, and much more. A honorable mention in the Freeman Book Awards, Girls on the Line provides a compelling, dual narrative from the perspective of two young girls.

Ancient Chinese History and Thought (NCTA Online Seminar)

Program Start Date: May 17 2021

How were early Chinese dynasties established? How was Chinese writing invented?  What did early Chinese philosophers write and teach? Participants joined Dr. Shelton Woods from Boise State University for an online seminar on Ancient China.  Participants attended 15 online lectures, each 30 minutes long, which examined the connection of  modern-day China to its rich history of philosophy, calligraphy, early religions