“Has China Won?” Online NCTA Book Club

Program Start Date: Nov 12 2020

Location: Online

  Many in the U.S. see China as a rival that threatens its global primacy. Teachers joined Tese Wintz Neighbor in reading Kishore Mahbubani’s latest book entitled Has China Won? The Chinese Challenge to American Primacy.  As 2001 Nobel laureate Michael Spence writes: “His assessment of the biases and mistakes on both sides is both brutal

Write About Asia Fall 2020 – Color in Asian Art: Materials and Meaning

Program Start Date: Nov 21 2020

Location: Online

Write about Asia was offered by the East Asia Resource Center at the University of Washington in conjunction with the Seattle Asian Art Museum’s (SAAM) Gardner Center for Asian Art and Ideas and its seasonal Saturday University Lecture Series. This series, titled Color in Asian Art: Materials and Meaning, looked at color in Asian artworks and investigated pigment histories, materials,