The 21st Century Silk Road: China’s Belt and Road Initiative – Online Program

Program Start Date: May 14 2020

Location: Online program

  University of Washington Professor David Bachman and EARC Program Leader Tese Wintz Neighbor joined together in a discussion on one of China’s most important and impactful development strategies of the 21st Century. China’s Belt and Road Initiative marks a major expansion in China’s growing world in international affairs. It now includes land and maritime

The Aftermath of Japan’s Smallpox Epidemic – Online Program

Program Start Date: May 21 2020

Location: Online program

Throughout the course of history, disease outbreaks have been a frequent disruptor across civilizations. In this online program, we examined the aftermath of the smallpox epidemic of 735–737 that afflicted much of Japan and had significant social, economic, and religious repercussions throughout the country. Along with a brief overview of the Nara period, we looked at some examples