East Asian Philosophies and Religions: A Visual and Literary Introduction

Program Start Date: Jul 24 2017

Location: Seattle, WA

East Asian Philosophies and Religions: A Visual and Literary Introduction explored the key philosophical and religious traditions that underlie East Asian belief systems, historically as well as in the present. Our course of study focused on the emergence of Buddhism, Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto within their original contexts, but also considered how these traditions evolved as they moved across space and time. We examined art and literature to familiarize ourselves with each tradition’s associated doctrines, objects and places of worship, and practices. As we analyzed these sources, we paid special attention to the impacts of cultural transmission, both on the traditions themselves and East Asian cultures they influenced.

Neighborhoods in Japan: Learning and Teaching about Community through Stories, Videos, and Images

Program Start Date: Jul 10 2017

Location: Seattle, WA

Neighborhoods in Japan used stories, videos, and images to build an understanding of community life in contemporary Japan. The seminar’s guiding question was be “How can we introduce our students to diverse stories of life in Japan?”  In addition to exploring a rich variety of resources, the week focused on adapting content and materials for use in grade 2-8 classrooms.

Write About Asia – Islam Across Asia: Art Practices/Cultural Politics

Program Start Date: Jan 28 2017

Location: Seattle, WA

The Winter 2017 series was titled “Islam Across Asia: Art Practices/Cultural Politics” and is inspired by the fact that a majority of the world’s Muslim population lives in Asia. “This is an opportune time to explore diversity among their communities. Our series provides historical, cultural, and contemporary perspectives on Islam and the arts, from Central Asia to Indonesia” (description excerpted from the Gardner Center Website).