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At the Jackson School of International Studies (JSIS), students can major in Asian Studies with an East Asian country concentration (China, Japan, or Korea) or in the International Studies (General) Program with an East Asia concentration. Those majoring outside JSIS can choose one of three East Asia minors (China Studies, Japan Studies or Korea Studies.

Students who wish to focus on the study of East Asian language and/or literature can earn a major or minor through the Department of Asian Languages and Literature.

No formal East Asia tracks or programs are available outside of JSIS and the Department of Asian Languages and Literature. Undergraduates with a strong interest in East Asia and committed to a discipline such as political science, art history, economics or history can declare a major in those departments and take East Asia-related courses at the same time. Students interested in a specific discipline should contact an undergraduate advisor in that department to learn more about specific departmental degree requirements and East Asia-related course offerings.

Undergraduates enrolled in the UW Business School also have an opportunity to gain expertise on East Asia. The UW Business School has the largest degree program in the country in international business. Students enrolled in the Certificate of International Studies in Business program may choose to minor in Chinese or Japanese language and area studies.

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The Jackson School of International Studies offers majors and minors in Asian Studies with the following East Asia options:

and with East Asia tracks in General International Studies

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