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European Studies Degree

The purpose of the curriculum in European Studies is to prepare students to pursue careers requiring an understanding of all the forces, both material and cultural, contemporary and historical, that are shaping Europe today, in the transitions involved in the post-Soviet era and the movement toward greater political, economic, and cultural integration among the various nations of Europe, West, East, North, and South. One of the main goals of the program is to equip its graduates to work with primary sources in a European language, beginning with substantive study of such sources in regular coursework and in the capstone seminar. Depending on the particular nature of their interests, students should be able to pursue European Studies either as an area concentration for its own sake or as a supplement to the development of particular expertise in a related discipline. Students also may focus, within the major, on Hellenic Studies, the European Union, or Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies. European Studies courses are offered by faculty in the following departments and programs: Architecture, Art, Classics, Communication, Comparative Literature, Comparative Religion, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, Germanics, History, International Studies, Political Science, Public Affairs, Romance Languages and Literature, Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies, Scandinavian Studies, Slavic Languages and Literature, Sociology and Women Studies.

Additional information on the European Studies degree including details regarding declaring the major and degree requirements can be found on the Jackson School advising website.

Hellenic Studies: An Emphasis Within European Studies

The Hellenic Studies Program at the University of Washington was created by an endowment established in 1998 by the University in cooperation with the local Greek-American community. Students wishing to focus their studies on the Greek track fulfill the requirements of the European Studies degree but also have specific courses with Greek content. For more information, visit the Hellenic Studies website.

Certificate in Trans Atlantic Studies
The Certificate in Trans-Atlantic Studies (CTAS) program is an exciting international study option for students interested in US-European relations, comparative public policy and political culture.The CTAS program may be taken by graduate students and undergraduates enrolled in any relevant degree program (e.g. Political Science, History, Public Affairs, European Studies, etc.) Travel grants and stipends are available for this program. Further Information can be found on the Trans-Atlantic Studies program website. Students coming to the UW on the Euromasters Trans-Atlantic Track should visit our Euromasters page.


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