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European Union Studies Certificate

This certificate, available to undergraduate and graduate students, is awarded for a program involving study of the politics of the European Union and key issues affecting European integration. You may also click here to see this content as a PDF for easier printing.

The European Union Studies Certificate program at the University of Washington was established by the European Union Center of Seattle. Students study the politics of European Union and key issues affecting European integration such as economic integration, and common security and defense policy, with special emphasis on direct exposure to these topics through internships, foreign study, and classes taught by European Union officials.

This program is open to students pursuing a B.A. in any major at the University of Washington.

Program Description The EU Studies Certificate is awarded to students who complete at least one course within each of the following four categories:

1) Western Europe and the EU EURO 302 (Politics and Society in Western Europe); EURO 490 (Trans-Atlantic Relations); POL S 324 (Europe in World Politics); POL S 346 (Governments of Western Europe); POL S 530 (Trans-Atlantic Relations)

2) Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, and the EU POL S 326 (Scandinavia in World Affairs); POL S 420 (Soviet and Russian Foreign Policy); POL S 437 (Politics in Scandinavia); POL S 445 (Politics and Society in Eastern Europe)

3) EU Politics, Law, and Economics ECON 475 (Economics of the European Union); POL S 415 (Women's Rights in an Integrated Europe); POL S 448 (Politics of the European Union); POL S 460 (Political Economy of the European Union)

4) The EU in Seattle: Working with Practitioners EURO 395 (Internship with European Chambers of Commerce); EURO 390 (EU Simulation); EURO 490 (EU Special Topics Seminars given by EU Fellows)

Foreign Study

Students may receive the EU Studies Certificate by either completing the EU Studies Program in Brussels or by attending the University of Bath and completing #4 of the requirements listed above. Both programs are coordinated through the European Union Center.

EU Studies Program in Brussels, Belgium. SUMMER TERM. The program includes two courses: "Current EU Policy Debates" taught by Prof. Wade Jacoby (Brigham Young University, Department of Political Science); "EU Institutions : Views from inside the Brussels Complex" taught by Dr. Peter Hobbing (former Principal Administrator, European Commission). In addition, students will participate in a European Union simulation. Students will be awarded 12 UW credits upon successful completion of the program. Students who attend the EU Studies Program in Brussels automatically receive the EU Studies Certificate upon completion of the program.

University of Bath, United Kingdom. FALL & WINTER TERMS. Students enroll in the core module of the Euromasters program based at the University of Bath. Students return to Seattle in the Winter quarter to complete a UW Trans-Atlantic Studies module. Approximately six UW students are selected for this program each year.

Click here to see a PDF version of the EU Studies Certificate flyer or pick up a hard copy from the EU Center.

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