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Euromasters (Trans-Atlantic Track) Application Instructions

Four-Step Instructions for Euromasters Trans-Atlantic Track (TAT) students coming to the University of Washington


As a Visiting Graduate Student in the Spring Quarter 2016, you will need to apply for admission to the University of Washington Graduate School. Admission is guaranteed, but your application cannot be processed until it is complete with the following items: Graduate School Application Form and Statement of Financial Ability, including a bank statement. Please save a copy of all the documents you upload during the UW application process.

A. UW Graduate School
Application Form. Graduate applications to the University of Washington can be filled-out and submitted online. You will need a credit card to pay the $75 processing fee. Click on the link to start your application. Please note that you need to create a profile before you can continue on with the application process. First you need to create a profile, then select "Visiting Graduate Student." Select "Political Science" (Ph.D. option) when asked to choose a program, then continue on with the application process. The application section for the Political Science Department will ask you to include items like recommendations and research/personal statement, but you need only include a blank PDF or a note that you are coming on the UW-Bath Euromasters exchange. If you have taken the TOEFL or similar test for English exam, you can enter the score when prompted. You do not, though, need to provide this info if you have not taken the exam as our center provides verification of  English ability for this purpose. 

Statement of Financial Ability. A special TAT version of this form can be printed-out through the link. Please note that any family member or other sponsor claiming to support you MUST sign the form. Also, along with the form, you MUST submit a bank statement or comparable document demonstrating that you have sufficient funds to support you at the University of Washington. The minimum amount of financial resources during the last school year was $6,735. In the event that figure increases, we recommend providing evidence of $7,000 in funds. 

Students who bring dependents (children or spouse) should contact the EU Center about filling out additional forms.

Please note that you will not be able to upload your Statement of Financial Ability or your Bank Statement until after the Political Science department has extended you an offer. Once you have been admitted you will be able to upload both documents and complete your UW application.

B. UW Housing Office
Optional Housing Application. Residence hall (dormitory) applications for the Spring Quarter become available in mid-winter. There is no application fee. Please contact the Housing and Food Services office at for more details. Many students in the recent past have had success finding their own off-campus housing. If you are interested in pursuing off-campus housing you can start your search here.


The Graduate School admits you to the university by sending you a special form called an I-20. The form establishes your student status and allows you to apply for an Academic (F-1) Student Visa. You must have your I-20 from the University of Washington and a valid passport, good through the period of your intended studies, in order to apply for a student visa. We strongly recommend allowing two months for the application process.

How do I apply? Along with your I-20 and a valid passport, you will need a Non-Immigrant Visa Application DS-160. For information about the visa application, visit UW's International Student Services and the U.S. Department of State. Most Euromasters-TAT students will submit their application to the US Embassy in London, which maintains a useful website on F-1 and M-1 Visas for Students. Please consult this site before sending in your application.

Where do I apply? Almost all Euromasters-TAT students (even non-EU citizens) have been able to obtain their visas at the U.S. Embassy in London. However, this has not always been the case. The US Department of State advises that students "should generally apply at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate with jurisdiction over their place of permanent residence. Although visa applicants may apply at any U.S. consular office abroad, it may be more difficult to qualify for the visa outside the country of permanent residence." If you have any doubts, please contact the London embassy. If you do not intend to apply through London, you can look up other locations on the US Embassy and Consulate Link Page. Again, please check the specific website before sending in your application.

How much will it cost? The standard visa application fee at the US embassy in London is $160. You will also have to pay an additional $200 to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its SEVIS (Students and Exchange Visitor Information Service) program. Some foreign nationals may have to pay an additional fee based on a principle of reciprocity (i.e., your country charges extra, so we charge extra). This will not apply to UK / EU citizens. Non-EU citizens can check the Visa Reciprocity Finder maintained by our Department of State.

What do I do when I arrive? At immigration you will need to present your passport, your F-1 visa, and your I-20. You must pass through immigration before you arrive at baggage claim, so please DO NOT pack your documents in checked-through baggage!! You might receive either a paper I-94 or an F-1 admission stamp in your passport (in lieu of the card), depending on where you arrive. The admission stamp or I-94 card records the date and place you entered the U.S., your immigration status (for example, F-1 or F-2), and authorized period of stay (indicated by "D/S", meaning 'duration of status'). Be sure to check the stamp to make sure it is correct. If you are issued an I-94 card, do not lose it as there is a significant replacement. Also be aware that the Department of Homeland Security may take your fingerprints in accordance with new regulations.



Health Insurance: All international students at the University of Washington are required to carry health insurance. Most purchase the International Student Health Insurance Plan (ISHIP), which costs $300 per quarter and meets the minimum $100,000 of medical coverage required for visiting students by federal rules. However, students on an official exchange program, such as Euromasters, can have the requirement waived by demonstrating that they already carry an equivalent amount of health insurance in their home country. To qualify for this exemption, you must bring a copy of an active insurance policy and present it to our International Services Office by the end of the first week of Spring Quarter. For more information on how to waive the UW health insurance requirement please click here.

Measles Immunization Requirement: All students at the University of Washington are required to provide proof of measles (Rubeola) immunity, or to request a waiver for religious, personal, or medical reasons. Detailed information can be found at our Immunization Website. The campus Health Center will not allow you to register for classes until you have met this requirement. Therefore, we ask you to send us a completed Measles Immunity Verification Form before the first day of registration for Spring Quarter (you can find this form on the Immunization Website). Please follow the requirements on the Measles Immunization form carefully, and use the correct date format (mm/dd/year). You can mail your immunization form directly to the Center for West European Studies, send a scanned copy to (preferred), or fax it to us at +1 206-616-2462. Please make sure you send us this form on or before February 29, 2016.

Center for West European Studies
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All Euromasters will enroll in four courses during Spring Quarter. Students will choose two courses from a menu of classes on American politics and society generated by the Center for West European Studies. A third course will be selected from a complementing menu focusing on global or comparative issues affecting the US and Europe. Students choose a fourth course to complement their Euromasters degree program from the extensive range of UW course offerings (e.g. language courses, etc.). A registration information packet including these course menus and registration instructions will be emailed to incoming Euromasters students during Winter Quarter. This packet will also contain instructions on how to obtain a UWNetID and open a personal student webpage called MyUW. Once you have a MyUW account, you can register for courses directly on-line. Courses can fill up quickly, so it's important to register as soon as possible after your designated registration date.. Your registration start date is February 29, 2016. You can change your schedule at any time, but there is a $20 fee for every change made after the first week of the beginning of the quarter.

Tuition and Fees. Students on the Euromasters-TAT program have a full tuition waiver. Like all students, you receive a tuition bill some time after the first day of classes. However, you will only be responsible for two mandatory charges. The first is a charge (currently $80) billed for a student bus pass, which provides unlimited use of Seattle public transportation through the Spring Quarter. The second is a fee (currently $45) billed for orientation activities sponsored by our Foundation for International Understanding Through Students. As Spring Quarter approaches, please see the FIUTS website for a schedule of orientation and other activity dates. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of your membership in this organization. If you purchase UW insurance, the charges will be posted to your UW student account and must be payed as part of your fees.

Note: All fees must be paid by March 2, 2016. Spring Quarter classes end on June 10. Please do not plan to leave Seattle before this date.

Questions? Call 206-616-2415 or email

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