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The EU Center (EUC) at the University of Washington has developed, since 1998, a well-earned reputation for implementing innovative teaching, outreach, and research programs in the study of the EU, its institutions and policies, and EU-US relations.  Its activities are funded by the European Commission’s Jean Monnet Project and Chair grants, under the leadership of Jean Monnet Chair, Dr. James Caporaso, Professor of Political Science and a leading US expert on EU integration.


The Jean Monnet Project Grant
The Jean Monnet Project grant encompasses an integrated set of activities designed to further strengthen EU Studies on our campus and across the US. The Center’s project, “Europe in Transition”, is designed to attract US high school and university students to EU Studies, while also training graduate students who will be the next generation of EU academic experts.

The core of the Europe in Transition project are a set of novel and interdisciplinary learning activities that engage students with EU Studies in ways not normally available at their home institutions, including the following events:

  • The Annual West Coast Model EU, held at the University of Washington since 2005, brings approximately 75 students and faculty from a dozen universities across the country to learn about the EU through a dynamic and interactive simulation of contemporary EU decision-making.
  • The Western US Graduate Research Workshop on the EU provides graduate students from across the US the opportunity to share and develop their EU-focused research in an interdisciplinary setting designed to encourage cross-fertilization between academic disciplines while building a strong sense of shared project and commitment to EU Studies.
  • The Annual Educator Summer Workshop is designed to provide area high school and community college instructors with the curriculum tools and materials they need to teach the EU in their classrooms. Through this activity, the center reaches hundreds of students across the region.


The Jean Monnet Chair Grant
The Jean Monnet Chair grant activities focus on the deepening of EU integration and institutional development following in the wake of global economic crisis. Jean Monnet Chair, Professor James Caporaso has spent a career researching and teaching EU topics. His expertise forms the foundation for these activities geared toward training the next generation of EU experts.

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