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Educators in Brussels EU Visit Program


Waffles in Brussels, Belgium

The Center for West European Studies is pleased to be able to offer grants allowing up to two high school or community college educators from the Pacific Northwest to participate in a visit program to learn about exciting new changes in today’s Europe. Grants include airfare to and from Brussels, five nights hotel, and some meals (up to $2600). Grantees will be expected to create a curricular activity on the EU based on their experiences in Brussels.

The EU Visit Program in Brussels is coordinated by the Network of European Union Centers in the United States and includes the participation of centers from around the country. The dates of the program are formulated to meet the scheduling needs of students and teachers from across the US, as well as the program’s hosts in Brussels.The five-day visit in Brussels for US high school and community college instructors, and university undergraduates, will include site visits to the EU Commission, European Parliament, and other Brussels-based institutions.

Why Brussels?

An eclectic mix of Flemish and French with the energy of a major international city, Brussels, Belgium, represents modern Europe. The world capital of chocolate is also, since 1957, the capital of the European Union and home to most of the EU institutions.

The EU, one of the most important trade partners to the US, currently has 28 member states and is a supranational entity that shares power between an non-nationally-affiliated commissioners, elected officials from member states, and directly elected European Parliamentarians. A visit to Brussels brings to life the accomplishments and challenges that Europe has faced in uniting 28 member countries through treaties, economic policies, and a common currency and where it is going in the 21st century.

Priority will be given to full-time high school or community college educators who have participated in a CWES workshop, and those who demonstrate the capacity and incentive to teach the importance of the EU in world affairs in their classroom.


Dr. Allison Jansen visited Brussels this past summer as part of the program. For more information on her experience, click here.