Rising SEAs Delegation

About Rising SEAs Delegation

Mission Statement

To culturally empower, educationally invest, and be civically engaged in the long term development of
underrepresented Southeast Asian communities.

❖ Advocate for the implementation of a fulltime Southeast Asian recruiter with the capacity to conduct targeted outreach and programming for Southeast Asian youth.
❖ To build a community and network of support between Southeast Asian organizations within UW and the community at large.
❖ To educate the public about the model minority myth and the different adversities that diverse Southeast Asian groups face.

Who We Are
Leaders from various Southeast Asian Registered Student Organizations at UW.
❖ Burma/Myanmar Student Association (BMSA)
❖ Cham Student Association (ChamSA)
❖ Khmer Student Association (KhSA)
❖ Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Reserved seats will always be available for communities that have historically participated in Southeast Asian activism and diaspora, but lack the college acceptance and enrollment rates.
❖ Hmong Student Association (HmongSA)
❖ Iu Mien Student Association (IuMienSA)
❖ Lao Student Association (LSA)

❖ The broad categorization of ‘Asian’ and the model minority myth has masked serious adversities that many Southeast Asians face today.
❖ Many Southeast Asian students are first generation college students who lack the knowledge and access to resources they need for success in the college preparation and application process.
❖ Southeast Asians speak English with low proficiency at a rate that is disproportionately worse than the average U.S. population, hurting the ability of many families to fight for their success.