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Gary & Consuelo Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellowships Program

The Gary & Consuelo Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellowships Program provides an opportunity for exceptional UW undergraduate students to spend a full academic year at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. The Corbett Fellowships Program offers a fellowship award of $7,000 for two semesters (September through April). The Center is dedicated to supporting UW student study-in-Canada experiences. There is no better way for American students to experience, first hand, the subtle differences between our two nations and to have a safe and affordable international experience. 

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About Gary & Consuelo Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellowships Program


This Fellowship Application are open here:
Applications for 2015-16 are due at the Canadian Studies Center, 503 Thomson Hall on  Friday, 29 January 2016

Application requirements:

  • Unofficial transcripts
  • Two letter of recommendations from UW Faculty
  • If applicable, upload FAFSA financial aid offer letter (optional)

Award Criteria:

  • Academic Merit
  • Other: financial need? Clear articulation of how you will benefit from the program.

Students must apply to the UBC Exchange program at the UW Study Abroad Office:

2015-16 Corbett Fellows

UW - Siyu Lu, Business Administration
Siyu Lu is a senior at University of Washington, Seattle, where she is studying Business Administration with a Concentration in Accounting and earning a Certificate of International Studies in Business. Siyu is described as having strong analytical and problem solving skills, as well as having extraordinary perseverance. As a Corbett Fellow, she will study at the University of British Columbia as an exchange student, beginning in September 2015. Siyu’s career objectives include earning a CPA license and conducting tax research and analysis for corporations doing business in United States, Canada, and China.

UW - Katelyn Guard, Math; Chemistry minor
As someone who wants to teach, it's important to me to learn about education in other cultures. I adore British Columbia, and this opportunity allows me to experience another culture, while staying on track to graduate.

UW - Trevor McAllister-Day, Linguistics
I'm a linguistics student, and plan to go to graduate school for the cognitive sciences. In the United States, linguistics is very cognitive-based, but in Canada, the perspective is focused on doing more fieldwork, so I'm studying in Canada to do fieldwork on Ktunaxa, an indigenous language in the Okanagan, as a new perspective on linguistics.

UBC - Saki Serizawa, Global Resource Systems
I am currently a student at the University of British Columbia. I am grateful for the Corbett's for supporting my interest in studying at UW. I am extremely excited to be a part of the Arctic Studies program at UW, and to understand where Canada and the United States fall as partners in the context of Arctic politics. As well, I am enthusiastic to explore the beautiful city of Seattle and see what it has to offer this curious Canadian.


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