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The Center of the Francophonie of the Americas

The Center of the Francophonie of the Americas contributes to the promotion and enhancement of a Francophonie with a future for the French language in the context of cultural diversity by focusing on strengthening and enriching relationships as well as complementarity of action between Francophones and Francophiles from Quebec, Canada and the Americas.


Bibliothèque des Amériques

The Library of the Americas created by the Center de la Francophonie of the Americas provides free access to its members to thousands of digital books of authors from the Americas. Its unique offering is diversified and specialized. It stands out because it brings together, preserves and disseminates the Francophone or Francophone documentary heritage of the French-speaking communities of the Americas.


The Associate of Quebec Studies

Since 1997, the AIEQ has been working to encourage and support university research activities (courses, symposia, publications) that help to raise awareness and understanding of Québec, here and elsewhere in the world; foster international collaboration among professors, researchers and students dedicated to the study of Quebec.



The RÉCIT is a network focused on the development of student competencies through the integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs). It is mainly through the training, support and guidance of teachers that the RÉCIT fulfills this mandate, while developing a culture of networking and sharing.

*These resources are not developed by the Canadian Studies Center.