Arctic Studies Minor

Model Arctic Council

The Canadian Studies Center is partnering with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in offering a new program known as the Model Arctic Council. The Model Arctic Council is an experiential learning exercise in which university students (bachelors, masters and Ph.D.) from universities across Arctic countries and the world convene to represent and simulate the work of Member States, Permanent Participants, and Observers of the Arctic Council.

The objectives of the Model Arctic Council are to: 1) develop students’ knowledge of the Arctic as a region, of circumpolar politics, and of northern Indigenous peoples; 2) increase students’ understanding of Arctic Council objectives and processes; 3) prepare students to assume leadership roles in the circumpolar north; and 4) enhance student and faculty collaboration among UArctic institutions. To learn more, see website here:

The Model Arctic Council is a Thematic Network of the University of the Arctic (UArctic) consortium. Information about the Thematic Network can be found here: It is the intention that future Model Arctic Councils will be hosted in the spring of even-numbered years by a UArctic member institution in the country that holds the Arctic Council chairship.

2016 MAC Fairbanks Declaration

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