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Dear Colleagues,
Vince and I wish to share the many achievements by our faculty, students and campus partners this month. First, two UW students were selected as the 2013-14 Killam Fellows including Hannah Dolph, International Studies. Hannah will study at Carleton University during Fall Quarter. Charles Emlet, Social Work, UW Tacoma, and affiliated faculty of the Center, is currently serving as a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at McMaster University in Canada. Finally, the Center and campus partners - Program on Climate Change, Atmospheric Sciences, Anthropology and Scandinavian Studies and the Jackson School's Ellison Center and West European Studies - were awarded a Mellon Grant for the joint project, “New Conceptualizations of Global Regions: The Arctic.” Congrats to our students, faculty, and new campus partners! – Nadine & Vince


Canadian Studies & Campus Partners Awarded Mellon Foundation Grant
The Center, in partnership with Program on Climate Change, Atmospheric Sciences, Anthropology, Scandinavian Studies, the Ellison Center (for Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies), and the Center for West European Studies, was awarded a $40,000 grant for the proposal, “New Conceptualizations of Global Regions: Building a UW Arctic Academic Program.” More ...

Task Force on Arctic Security Reception & Expert Evaluation

The end of Winter Quarter was a busy one for the students in the Task Force on Arctic Security. More ...


Visiting Professor, Joël Plouffe Visits Communication Class COM 201
by Natalie Debray, Communications, UW Lecturer
In Introduction to Communication I students are introduced to the history of mass communication and how the usage of various traditional media have changed in the new media context. More ...

Fulbright Lecture, "Aging & HIV: Balancing Challenges and Opportunities"
by Dr. Charles Emlet, Fulbright Visiting Research Chair, PhD, MSW
The Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging and the Department of Social Work presented Fulbright Visiting Research Chair Dr. Charles Emlet, PhD, MSW on March 5, 2013. Over 75 people attended to hear Dr. Emlet present the lecture, "Aging and HIV: Balancing Challenges and Opportunities." More ...

David R. Boyd - Environmental Law in Canada
by Todd Wildermuth, School of Law
On April 8, scholar, lawyer, and author David R. Boyd visited the University of Washington School of Law as part of an ongoing collaboration with the Center for Canadian Studies. More ...



Killiam Fellow Reflects on Task Force Experience
by Hannah Dolph, Killam Fellow 2013-14, Task Force 2013
Winter quarter I was fortunate enough to go on a field study trip for my task force. More ...



Canadian Literature Highlighted at the Washington State Council for the Social Studies Conference, Lake Chelan
by Paulette Thompson, K-12 STUDY CANADA Teacher Associate
“You have problems. Your neighbor has problems. Between the two of you is a fence. I am actually referring to the relationship between Canada and the United States….” More ...


Binh Vong, editor for Task Force on Arctic Security, on the St. Lawrence River. (02/13)

Zoë Cosford, International Studies major, with Julie Rodrigue, Government of Québec. (02/13)

Center's webmaster and work study student, Monick Keo, assisting with a Center event (07/12).


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