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Dear Friends,
Vince and I are delighted to announce the new Canada Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies at the University of Washington – a joint initiative supported by Global Affairs; Social Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences; the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; and, College of the Environment. The Chair will infuse the campus with current research on issues facing this critical emerging region of the world. Please also find below news regarding spring courses on the Arctic, alumni success stories, and other Center involvements. Finally, congratulations to Tina Storer, the Educational and Curriculum Specialist for our National Resource Center, for her successful $20,000 grant to the Library of Congress for a educator workshop, “Archives on the Arctic: Connecting Global Issues to Primary Resources” to be held in Denver this June. - Nadine


New Canada Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies at U.W.
The new Canada Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies is part of the Center’s Arctic Initiative as well as part of The Future of Ice: A Polar Regions Science and Policy Initiative being developed by the College of Arts and Sciences, College of the Environment, and Applied Physics Laboratory. More ...


Joël Plouffe Gives Talk at Western Washington University, "The Arctic Dimension to Canada’s Foreign Policy"
by Joël Plouffe, Visiting Québec Professor, University of Washington
Joël’s talk looked at how Canada’s foreign policy for the circumpolar world started to emerge in the 1950s as part of bilateral Canadian and American defense relations in the North American Arctic. More ...

Economics of Ice: Globalization and the Polar Regions
by Kristy Leissle, PhD, Lecturer, University of Washington
I am very pleased to be offering the first humanities and social science based course on the polar regions, Economics of Ice: Globalization and the Polar Regions, at UW Bothell in spring quarter. More ...

Arctic Archeology offered Spring Quarter 2013
by Ben Fitzhugh, professor, University of Washington
Archy 377: Arctic Archaeology will be offered this coming Spring quarter (2013). The course examines the archaeology of the arctic and subarctic from the late Pleistocene to the 19th century AD. More ...


Task Force 2013 Trip to Québec City & Ottawa!
by Charlotte Dubiel, Kevin Shaw, and Binh Vong, Task Force 2013 Students
For the 12 student members of the JSIS 495 Arctic Task Force on Arctic Security, the research trip to Canada flew by in a whirlwind of Arctic security studies. More ...


Alumna Continuing Experience from the 2011 Task Force on Arctic Governance
Jennifer Grosman did not expect the highlight of her undergraduate studies to continue after her graduation in 2011. More ...



Former FLAS Joins International Programs as University of Kansas
Cody Case, FLAS student 2007-2008, is the new Global Awareness Program coordinator for the Office of International Programs at the University of Kansas. More ...



K-12 STUDY CANADA Receives $20,000 Library of Congress Grant
by Tina Storer, Education and Curriculum Specialist, Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University
According to The Economist, “the resource-rich Arctic is changing faster than anywhere on Earth, and its biggest transformation is just ahead. More ...

Hood River Middle School becomes Arctic Living Museum
by Tina Storer, Education and Curriculum Specialist, Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University
Sarah Segal, a teacher at Hood River Middle School in Oregon, attended the National Council for the Social Studies Conference in Seattle, WA this year for the wonderful professional development opportunities offered there. More ...


Sion Romaine, Canadian Studies Librarian (middle), with Frédéric Tremblay, Director, Public Affairs & Government and Alain Houde, Western US Head of Mission, both from the Government of Québec. At the Cirque du Soleil performance, Amaluna. (1/13)

Task Force on Arctic Security student, Ngoc Nguyen, at an ice café in Québec City during the TF research trip to Canada. (01/13)

Task Force on Arctic Security students and instructors at the Inuit Circumpolar Council office. (01/13)


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