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I am very pleased to welcome Vincent Gallucci, Wakefield Professor of Ocean and Fishery Sciences, School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, College of the Environment, as our new director and chair. Vince has been an affiliated faculty of the Center for many years and has made a significant contribution to our research and teaching program. It will be an honor to work with Vince particularly on our Arctic initiative. I am also pleased to welcome Joël Plouffe to the Center. Joël is our Visiting Québec Professor during Winter Quarter from Université du Québec à Montréal. Thanks to a generous grant from the Government of Québec, Joël is co-teaching the Task Force on Arctic Security with me that just returned from an 8-day research trip to Canada. Welcome Vince and Joël! And merci beaucoup to the Government of Québec for their on-going support of our program! - Nadine  


Vince Gallucci Joins Center as New Director
Vincent Gallucci, professor in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, was just appointed the new Director and Chair of Canadian Studies. Vince’s research involves cross-border fisheries management and Arctic geopolitics. More ...


Québec Visiting Professor Teaches Course on Arctic Security
by Sophie Hubbell and Adam Akerblom, Arctic Initiative Interns, UW Undergraduates
Every so often the University has the honor of hosting one of the world’s bright minds in the form of a visiting scholar. More ...

Joël Plouffe: Arctic Council, Circumpolar Governance, Environmental Cooperation
Joël Plouffe, l’Université du Québec à Montréal, U.W. Québec Visiting Professor for 2012-13 was interviewed by Exploring Geopolitics in January for all his achievements and efforts concerning the Arctic. Click here to view full article. 

Article by Vince Gallucci, Nadine Fabbi, and Don Hellmann's Published in Fishing People of the North 
"Geopolitics, Arctic Council, and Arctic Resources,” by Vince Gallucci, Nadine Fabbi, and Don Hellmann, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, was just published in Fishing People of the North: Cultures, Economies, and Management Responding to Change (2012). More ... 

Nadine Fabbi's Article Published in the 2012 Arctic Yearbook
“Inuit Political Engagement in the Arctic,” by Nadine Fabbi, was just published in the 2012 Arctic Yearbook, including 16 peer-reviewed papers providing a critical analysis on the Arctic region. More ...

Visiting Scholars in Arctic Studies Offer Two Spring Quarter Classes!
Sari Graben, 2012-13 Canada-US Fulbright Chair, and Tony Penikett, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies 2012-13 Visiting Scholar, will be offering classes on Arctic Studies this upcoming Spring Quarter. More ...

Charles Emlet Awarded a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at McMaster University
by Charley Emlet, Associate Professor, Social Work, UW Tacoma
On February 1,  I will begin my stent as a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I will also be a Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto. I will be working on a Fulbright project and will interact with Canadian colleagues. More ...


Affiliated Graduate Student of Canadian Studies Hired as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at University of Toronto!
by David Pettinicchio, PhD., Sociology, Graduate Student Affiliate
David Pettinicchio, Sociology, is currently a postdoctoral fellow in Sociology and Nuffield College at the University of Oxford and will begin his appointment as an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto in August 2014. More ...



Michael Hank, Evans School of Public Affairs, Featured in International & Foreign Language Education (IFLE) News
by Mark Hank, Evans School of Public Affairs, Summer FLAS 2012, French
I was interested in Arctic melting and the ramifications of that for environmental policy. I wanted to focus on national and international policy as well as security. Full story under "Grantees in the News." More ...

Former FLAS Fellow in First Nations Language Passes Away
Alison Krebs, Information School, and FLAS Fellow in Anishinaabemowin, a Canadian First Nations language, passed away in late January. More ...




News from the Libraries – Research & Writing Workshop for Task Force Students
by Siôn Romaine, U.W. Canadian Studies Librarian
In early January, librarians Dan Mandeville (Nordic Studies), Louise Richards (Fisheries/Oceanography) and Siôn Romaine (Canadian Studies) collaborated with Jenny Halpin and Cammie Dodson of the Odegaard Writing & Research Center to lead a Research & Writing Workshop for members of the SIS495 Arctic Security in the 21st Century Task Force. More ...


Photos from the UW Libraries workshop on how to research Arctic security and the role of Canada and Québec in the Arctic for the JSIS 495G Task Force on Arctic Security. (1/13)


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