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Each month Dan and I are awed at the tremendous activity in Canadian studies and research at the U.W. This past month is no exception. Building on Arctic and indigenous strengths, our two FLAS Fellows report on their work on climate change and its impact to communities on the West Coast and in the Arctic; Marine Affairs offers a course on oil spills and impacts to northern communities; a Task Force alumna reports on progress made as a Pickering Fellow in Arctic foreign policy; and, the Center reports on its involvement in the Inuit Studies Conference hosted by the Smithsonian Institution. Enjoy these stories and more below and please send us your own activities – it would be an honor to include you! - Nadine


18th Inuit Studies Conference – Learning from the Top of the World
The Canadian Studies Center is building its Arctic initiative bolstered, in part, by participation in the Inuit Studies Conference held at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. in late October. More …

UW National Resource Center Awarded a $750,000 Mellon Grant
"The University of Washington has received a $750,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for its area studies programs, enabling eight Title VI National Resource Centers (NRCs) in the Jackson School of International Studies to continue their programs for students, educators, and the community." See College of Arts and Sciences press release.

Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium Board Meets at UBC
On 28 September 2012 the Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Board met for their annual meeting at the University of British Columbia. More ...

Canadian Studies from Western Washington University
Western Washington University appoints noted Canadian-US relations scholar Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, as the 2012-2013 Ross Distinguished Professor in Canada-US Business and Economic Relations. More ...



Oil in the Arctic - Decision Making Under Conflict and Uncertainty: Exploring the Environmental and Human Dimensions of Risk from Oil in a Changing Arctic
by Robert Pavia, Ph.D., School of Marine and Environmental Affairs
The School of Marine and Environmental Affairs is examining risks from maritime transportation and oil development in the Arctic in the face of change in the physical environment, ecosystems, and the human communities that depend upon them in a graduate course being offered autumn quarter. More ...


Beyond Data and Models: Canada and the Pacific Northwest Cultural Experience
by Yan Cimon, Ph.D., 2013 Fulbright Visiting Chair in Innovation
It has been said countless times that Canada and the USA have what may be the most integrated economies in the world. More ...


Task Force on Arctic Sovereignty Alumna's New Journey
by Victoria Choe, Public Administraion and International Relations, Syracuse University 
Five months ago when I walked across the commencement stage, I realized that it was a beginning of a new journey in life. More ...


Canada and the Pacific Northwest Coast 
by Michael Tillotson, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, FLAS 2012-13, Tlingit
As a student in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs my studies focus on the physical and abstract interactions of the human and natural worlds in the marine environment. More ...

FLAS Fellow Presents at the Beyond the Nature Conference: Rethinking Canadian & Environmental Studies
by Michael Hank, Evans School of Public Affairs, Summer FLAS 2012, French
Being asked not only to attend but, present a topic at this, my first academic conference, was like, “sure I can do that….right?” More ...


News from the Canadian Studies Librarian
by Siôn Romaine, U.W. Canadian Studies Librarian
Building a strong collection in any subject area is not a simple task. Librarians must consider what is needed now with what might be needed by historians in the future, and must meet those needs within our budgets. More...


Kelsey Barrett, JSIS and Arctic Task Force alumna, is now in Gambia working for Tostan. Kelsy, far left, participated in a race with the Ngor Swim Club. (9/12)

Victoria pumpkin picking to welcome fall season in Seneca Falls, New York.(10/12)

Nadine with Judith Burch, Research Collaborator, Arctic Studies Center, Smithsonian, and David Biette, Director, Canada Institute, Woodrow Wilson Center, one of the conference hosts. (10/12)


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