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2010-11 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Graduate Fellow, Bonnie McConnell

Bonnie McConnell
Bonnie McConnell is a 2010-11 FLAS Graduate Fellow.

By Bonnie McConnell,
Ethnomusicology, French (Summer and Academic Year 2010–2011)

I am a PhD student in ethnomusicology researching the music of
West African immigrants in Québec. This summer I pursued an intensive upper intermediate level French course at the Alliance Française in Seattle. This course enabled me to improve my French comprehension, conversation and grammar while researching and presenting material on West African musicians in Québec and the immigrant experience. I will continue to research these topics in my French and ethnomusicology coursework throughout the coming academic year. My interests include the experience of West African immigrants in Québec, the implications of immigration for Canadian society more generally, and the role of music in providing opportunities for cross-cultural interaction and exchange. My research examines the ways in which music expresses and celebrates cultural difference while simultaneously articulating, and sometimes creating, shared identities (e.g. Canadian, Québécois or pan-African).

The Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship are provided by funding from the Center’s Title VI grant, U.S. Department of Education, Office of International Education Programs Service.

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