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In April the Center and its affiliated faculty and students were engaged in significant research on Canada – sustainability, cultural identity, second language acquisition, living with HIV in Canada, ethnomusicology, and Arctic studies. A special thank you to Alison Gill, Simon Fraser University, for organizing a faculty field trip to Vancouver and Whistler; and Marcia, Julia and Bonnie for overseeing our annual graduate research symposium. Dan Hart, our chair, acted as discussant for the panel, “Indigenous Identities, Histories, and Performance." The stories below are of the many projects that contribute to the Center’s vibrancy. On behalf of Dan and I, merci to our community! -- Nadine


Communities, Cultures and Cross-Border Considerations: An Interdisciplinary Canada-US Graduate Symposium

By Julia Day and Bonnie McConnell

This year’s symposium included a diverse range of presentations focusing on the themes of history, culture, identity, indigenous studies, community and performance. More... The Abstract Book.

Canadian Studies Co-organizes Association of American Geographers Field Trip to Vancouver and Whistler

By Alison Gill, Simon Fraser University
From April 12th -16th over 7,000 geographers converged on Seattle to attend the Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers. More...


Métis, Mixed-ness and Music: Aboriginal-Ukrainian Encounters and Cultural Production on the Canadian Prairies

Dr. Marcia Ostashewski gave her lecture Métis-Ukrainian encounters in Canada as part of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies Global Focus Lecture Series. More...

UW GTTL Studies Receives $5000 Student Mobility Grant for Cascadia Bi-National Intra-Regional High-Speed Rail Initiative Study
Greg Shelton, Managing Director of Global Trade, Transportation and Logistics Studies (GTTL) was awarded a $5,000 Government of Canada grant for a cross-border field course to Canada. More...

11th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference
In late March 2011, the Department of Linguistics and Canadian Studies co-sponsored a major conference on linguistics - the 11th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. More...

Research on Living with HIV in Canada
Charles Emlet and Canadian colleagues from the University of Toronto, Ryerson University and the Ontario HIV Treatment Network presented initial results from their study on older adults living with HIV in Ontario. More...
HIV Poster


Reflections from the Evaluator of the SIS 495A Task Force on Arctic Governance
By Julie Gourley, U.S. Senior Arctic Official, Office of Ocean and Polar Affairs, U.S. Department of State and Expert Evaluator, Task Force
I served as the evaluator for the Task Force 2011 project entitled, “Melting Boundaries: Rethinking Arctic Governance.” More...


Québec Questions: Québec Studies for the Twenty-First Century

In late April the Québec Delegation in Los Angeles sponsored a luncheon at University of Washington to introduce Christopher Kirkey and Jarrett Rudy, co-editors with Stéphan Gervais of Québec Questions (2011).More... Flyer

National Resource Center on Canada Exhibits at National Council for History Education Conference

Tina Storer and Cynthia Carlisle exhibited materials on behalf of both National Resource Centers on Canada to educators attending the National Council for History Education conference. More...


Who Owns the Arctic? A Resource Guide

The Center co-sponsored the February educator workshop, Who Owns the Arctic?, with the World Affairs Council (WAC). WAC produced a tremendous resource guide downloadable here with extensive resources on Arctic studies.


Jennifer Mah, McGill University, explains her research during the poster session at the 11th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conference (3/11).

Participants in the Vancouver-Whistler Field Trip pose in front of Vancouver's Army and Navy billboard (4/11).

The Québec Delegation, LA, hosts a luncheon with authors of Québec Questions (4/11).


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