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Canadian Studies Center September 2010 Report


September 2010 Report

The Canadian Studies Center hopes you have had a wonderful summer and welcomes you back for the 2010–2011 school year!

The biggest news of the summer has been regarding Center funding. The Canadian Studies Center is pleased to announce that it has been re-funded as the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada (shared jointly with Western Washington University's Center for Canadian-American Studies) for the FY 2010–2013 Title VI grant cycle. This funding provides critical support for Center activities, including faculty research, courses, study tours, staff support, and business, community, and educator programming. The Center has also receiving continued Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship funding, which provides six to eight fellowships to UW students each year for studying and researching Canadian topics and acquiring language skills. The Center is thrilled to be able to continue its mission of increasing the number of scholars, educators and professionals knowledgeable about Canada in the Pacific Northwest and across the nation!

The Canadian Studies Center was also awarded a Program Enhancement Grant, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Government of Canada for the 2010–2011 academic year. In addition, two UW librarians received Library grants, and several Canadian Studies affiliated faculty received Government of Canada grants for the 2010–2011 year, as well. For the full list of faculty and students receiving grants from the Government of Canada, click here.

Center & Circumpolar Initiative News

Symposium presenters - from left, Phil Steinberg, Florida State University; Udlu Hanson, Nunavut Tunngavik; Donat Savoie, Inuit, Arctic and Circumpolar Affairs, Ottawa, in front of the Canadian Embassy to the United States.In mid-June the Center collaborated with the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS), Western Washington University, and Trent University to host a one-day event targeted for staff from the Department of State and Congressional Research Service: Northern Sovereignty and Political Geography in North America. More...

The Canadian Studies Center is the second institution in the forty-eight contiguous states (after Dartmouth) to have the opportunity to be a member of University of the Arctic (UArctic)—a network of over one hundred institutions dedicated to research and education that benefits northerners. In June, UArctic held its thirteenth meeting at Sakha State University in Yakutsk, Russia. The meeting was attended by Council Representatives from across the Arctic, including Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director of the Canadian Studies Center. More...

Faculty News

Helen Joe (7 years), Cowichan tribe childBrinda Jegatheesan has been studying the indigenous language learning experiences of the First Nations children from the Cowichan tribe in British Columbia. More...

Anne Goodchild and Matthew Klein traveled to Canada this past summer in order to conduct a comparative tour of two different border regions at the US-Canada border: Vancouver and the Cascades Gateway region, and the Toronto, Ontario, Detroit, and the Great Lakes region border crossings. More...

Graduate Student News

The US Ambassodor's ResidenceFour graduate students joined the Canadian Studies Graduate Development Program this summer: Kyle Antonelis, Amanda Barney, Matthew Klein, and Jill Woelfer. Please join us in welcoming them to the program! More...

During the first week of June, twenty-four MBA students from around the US and Mexico joined fifteen MBA students from the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa for a week of activities aimed to increase our mutual understanding about each other's countries. Chris Bajuk reports...


This summer, the Pacific Northwest National Resource Center on Canada held its 32nd annual K-12 STUDY CANADA Summer Institute in Vancouver and Whistler, British Columbia, which served twenty K-12 educators from across the US. More...

Nine students joined the Canadian Studies Center and the
Center for West European Studies to pilot and exciting new study abroad
program in British Columbia.Nine students, five of them from Europe, joined the Canadian Studies Center, along with the Center for West European Studies, to pilot an exciting new study abroad program this summer that took a comparative look at environmental policy approaches of Europe, the US, and Canada. More...

K-12 educators from across Washington state and beyond attended a two-day seminar in late June focusing on the international history and economics of food. Issues explored included the ethics of food production, food supply, food as a commodity, and more. Canadian Studies affiliated faculty member Branden Born was among the presenters. More...

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The Canadian Studies Center is part of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. It joins with the Center for Canadian-American Studies at Western Washington University in Bellingham to create a federally supported Pacific Northwest National Resource Center for the Study of Canada. The Circumpolar Initiative Project is part of a new program in the Jackson School of International Studies to increase research, education and programming that addresses critical emerging issues in the Arctic, and to foster UW-Arctic organization and institutional partnerships.

If you are an affiliated faculty or graduate student of the Center, please keep us informed of your activities. We’d like to feature you in an upcoming report.

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