Successful revival of Québécois literature course

April 18, 2024

Hedwige Meyer stands outside the entrance to Centre de la Francophonie des Ameriques

Nadine Fabbi named new Canadian Studies Center director

April 11, 2024

Headshot of Nadine Fabbi

Confidence through community — Corbett Scholar Grace Martindale

April 8, 2024

Photo of Grace Martindale

Looking back: third Columbia River Field Course in summer 2023

April 8, 2024

A group of people stand in front of a photo of a dam, wearing red plastic hard hats

Center receives international recognition for research

April 8, 2024

Headshots of Nadine Fabbi and Patricia Johnston

2024 Task Force: Indigenous and International Relations in a Warming Arctic

April 8, 2024

2024 Arctic Task Force students and advisers

Native UW Scholars build connections at UBC

April 1, 2024

Seven students stand outside the UBC longhouse on a sunny day

Whit Fraser on the Canadian North and its leaders

April 1, 2024

Whit Fraser stands at a podium and speaks into a mounted microphone

Canadian Studies Center IDEAS grant at the 2023 Global Inclusion Conference

January 19, 2024

A group of three men and two women stand together wearing conference nametags.