University of Washington

Graduate Alumni List

Albrecht, Susan
MA, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2009)
Chair: Anne Goodchild

Kyle Antonelis Antonelis, Kyle
MA, Marine Affairs (2013)
Thesis: Derelict Gillnets in the Salish Sea: Causes of Gillnet Loss, Extent of Accumulation and Development of a Predictive Transboundary Model
Chair: Terrie Klinger
Graeme Bushey Boushey, Graeme (2002-2003 FLAS Fellow)
PhD., Political Science (2007)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Political Science,
San Francisco State University (07/08)


Brajcich, Marci
Ph.D., Social Work, (2008)
Current Position: Master’s degree in Social Work, care coordinator in community health, Washington State Mental Health Integration Project. (08/10)

Bushnell, Jeanette
Ph.D., Women Studies (2009)
Current Position: Instructor, U.W.’s Comparative History of Ideas Program and Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. (07/12)

Xiaozhi (Jeff) Cao
Ph.D., Forest Resources (2011)
Current Position: Research associate, Asian Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, Seoul National University. (07/12)

Connell, Lisa
Ph.D., French and Italian Studies (2010)
Thesis: Pedagogically Speaking: Francophone Women's Autobiography and the Learning Subject
Chair: Richard Watts
Current Position: Co-director, Study Abroad Program in Tours, France, University of West Georgia. (06/14)

Dunsmore, Kate
Ph.D., Communication (2008)
Chair: Nancy Rivenburgh
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Communication, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey. (2010)


Elliot, Tania
M.A., Business (2011)

Herbert, Christopher
Ph.D., History (2012)
Chair: John Findlay
Current Position: History Professor, Columbia Basin College (10/15)


Huang, Ann 

Léger, Devon
M.A., Ethnomusicology (2005)
Current Position: Director, HearthMusic; Creator, Canadian Traditional Music Collection for the Center 2007. (2010)


Leung, Li 
M.A., Civil and Environmental Engineering (2009)
Thesis: Statistical Analysis of Commercial Vehicle Border Crossing Times and Volumes: Case Study of the Pacific Highway Port-of-Entry Free and Secure Trade Lane
Chair: Anne Goodchild


Milstein, Tema
PhD., Communication (2007)
Chair: Gerry Philipsen 
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Communication and Journalism, University of New Mexico (06/07)

McEachern, Morna
Ph.D., Social Work (2010)
Thesis: Is Knowledge Power?: A Textual, Historical and Practical Study of 'Sex Ed' Policy and 'Teen Pregnancy' in Canada and the United States
Chair: Susan P. Kemp
Current Position: Lecturer, University of Washington, Seattle; Program Manager, Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium. (2012)

Pettinicchio, David 
PhD., Sociology (2012)
Thesis: From the Government to the Streets: Why the U.S. is a Policy Innovator in Disability Rights
Chair: Robert Crutchfield
Feature Article: "Migration and ethnic nationalism: Anglophone exit and the ‘decolonisation’ of Québec" 
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Toronto (12/12)


Randall, Timothy
M.A., Business (2009)
Current Position: Boeing employee (2010)

Rosenberg, Karen
Ph.D., Women Studies (2008)
Thesis: Alternative Justice Models in Canada and the United States: The Case of Family Violence
Chair: Judy Howard
Current Position: Director, Writing Center at UW Bothell. See: (2010)

Seol, Minhyun
Ph.D., Forest Resources (2011)
Current Position: Research scientist, Korea Forest Research Institute, Forest Carbon Policy, Center for Forest and Climate Change, Korea Forest Research Institute. (07/12)


Singh, Meharpratap  
M.A., Business (2010)
Current Position: 2009 Study Canada Tour co-chair (2009)

Steinman, Erich
Ph. D., Sociology (2005)
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Sociology at Pitzer College, Claremont, California. (2010)


Traynham, Lee (2006-07 FLAS Fellow)
M.A., Civil Engineering (2007)
Thesis: Impacts of Future Climate Conditions and Forecasted Population Growth on Water Supply Systems in the Puget Sound Region


Zamitis, Robbert
M.A., Business (2010)
Current Position: 2009 Canada Study Tour Co-chair (2009)

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