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Spring 2014

Dear Friends & Colleagues,
Vince and I are extremely pleased to announce UW’s first Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellow – Isaac Stockdale a major in Political Science and International Studies. Isaac exemplifies the attributes of a Corbett Fellow. He is deeply interested in comparative government and international politics, particularly the Canada-U.S. relationship, and has a keen interest in international maritime law. Isaac will be affiliated with our partner programs at University of British Columbia – both the United States Studies Program and Canadian Studies. Congratulations Isaac! We also want to recognize three of our Canadian colleagues who visited us in Winter Quarter – Gary Wilson, Tony Penikett, and Sheila Watt-Cloutier (see articles below). These leaders and scholars provided hundreds of members of our community with insights from Canada and its role in the Circumpolar World. Enjoy! – Nadine & Vince


Center News

Nathan Stockdale

Meet Our First Corbett Fellow, Isaac Stockdale
by Annie Banel, MPA Candidate, Evans School of Public Affair; Canadian Studies Center Reporter
Our first Gary and Consuelo Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellowships Program, Issac Stockdale, will spend next year studying at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC. Isaac is currently a Political Science major and Art History minor. Read more.

Nathan Stockdale

Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Inuk Leader from Canada Visits UW
by Annie Banel, MPA Candidate, Evans School of Public Affair; Canadian Studies Center Reporter
The Future of Ice lecture series came to a fitting end with Sheila Watt-Cloutier's lecture, "The Right to be Cold" on March 11, 2014. In her talk, Watt-Cloutier reframed the dramatic climate changes in the Arctic as a human rights issue. Read more.


Faculty News

Deming with Students

Jody Deming, Oceanographer, Joins Center
by Annie Banel, MPA Candidate, Evans School of Public Affairs; Canadian Studies Center Reporter
We are pleased to announce our new affiliated faculty member, Dr. Jody Deming, Walters Endowed Professor, Oceanography and Astrobiology. Dr. Deming served on the committee to establish the interdisciplinary Arctic Minor and she was recently featured in the Future of Ice lecture series. Read more.




La Famille Léger Releases New Album
La Famille Léger just released a brand-new album, L'Etoile du Nord, drawn from their research and travels. The album is predominantly French-Canadian music, mostly from Acadian sources. Read more.


Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) News

Michelle Daigle Michelle Daigle Studies First Nations Language - Anishinaabe
As a 2013-2014 FLAS fellow, Michelle has been studying the Anishinaabe language (Anishinaabemowin). Her doctoral research focuses on food sovereignty for Anishinaabe people in what is now known as the Treaty #3 territory in northwestern Ontario. She is specifically interested in how Anishinaabe food practices are a pathway towards self-determination as defined by Anishinaabe people themselves. Read more.

Student News

Garrett Knoll

JSIS Doctoral Candidate & Journalist Writes about Arctic Studies in the Egypt Independent
by Marwa Maziad, Almasry Alyoum Newspaper, Sunday January 12, 2014 (translated from Arabic)
Marwa Mazia combines interest of Middle East studies with Arctic Studies - realizing the importance of the Arctic as an emerging region of conflict where national security interest of powerful states are likely to clash. Read more.



2014 Chelan Conference From the 'Great Black North' to Idle No More: Infusing Canadian Content into the Classroom
Paulette Thompson spoke at the Washington Council for Social Studies Annual Retreat at Lake Chelan on Friday, March 14, 2014. She presented on the African Canadian past, present and future from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. The father of British Columbia and the grandmother of Jimi Hendrix are Canadians with African diasporic roots. Read more.

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