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Canada-US Fulbright Chair

The Canada-US Fulbright Chair is an exciting part of the Jackson School program that allows the University of Washington to form lasting collaborations with our Canadian colleagues and research institutions. – Phyllis Wise, Provost, University of Washington

In 2006 the UW (Vice Provost for International Education) and the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the United States agreed to establish a Fulbright Visiting Research Chair at the UW. The Fulbright Chair is sponsored by Global Affairs, Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate Fund for Excellence and Innovation, and the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies.

Canada-US Fulbright Visiting Chair Flyer
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2015–2016 Chair in Arctic Studies
Heather Nicol, Professor
Department of Geography, Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario

View Bio on Arctic Studies website

Welcome 2015-16 Canada Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies!

2014–2015 Chair in Arctic Studies
Joel Heath, Ph.D.
Executive Director
The Arctic Eider Society

26 May 2015 - Lecture: "Winter sea ice ecosystems and the changing hydrological cycle: Community-driven research with Inuit and Cree in Hudson Bay, Canada"
26 May 2015 - The Canada Club screening of People of a Feather
4 June 2015 - SIFF presents screening of People of a Feather

2013–2014 Chair in Arctic Studies
Tony Penikett, Former Premier of the Yukon
Yukon Legislative Assembly

Former Chair in Arctic Studies, Tony Penikett's and Canadian Consultant, Terry Fenge's article, Paper Promises, Featured in Canadian Magazine

2012–2013 Chair in Arctic Studies
Sari Graben, Associate Professor
Arctic Policy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy, Queen's University, Kingston

Fulbright Chairs to the U.W. in 2012-13

Claudio Aporta 2011–2012 Chair
Claudio Aporta, Associate Professor
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
Carleton University
Marcia Ostashewski

2010–2011 Chair
Marcia Ostashewski, Visiting Research Fellow Centre for Studies in Religion and Society University of Victoria
Postdoctoral Research Fellow (SSHRC) in Heritage and Culture, Cape Breton University

Society of Ethnomusicology Newsletter 


2009–2010 Chair
Rob Williams, Aquatic Ecosystems Research Laboratory
University of British Columbia

Continuing Impacts of the 2009-10 Canada-U.S. Fulbright Chair (06/11)

Williams R, Krkošek M, Ashe E, Branch TA, Clark S, et al. (2011) Competing Conservation Objectives for Predators and Prey: Estimating Killer Whale Prey Requirements for Chinook Salmon. PLoS ONE 6(11): e26738. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0026738. Retrieved from 
For the pdf version, click here (07/13)

2008–2009 Chair
Michael Orsini, Political Science
University of Ottawa

Final Report of Fulbright Activities (web resolution)

2006–2007 Chair
Sukumar Periwal, Provincial Government
British Columbia


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