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The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, a long-standing leader in Canadian Studies, has had a US Department of Education national Resource Center on Canada since 1987. Today, 62 faculty and researchers representing 24 departments across 11 professional schools, as well as all three UW campuses, contribute to knowledge and expertise on Canada, its relationship to the US and its role in global affairs.

Faculty by School/Department
Faculty Research (Alphabetical Order)


2015–16 Visiting Fulbright Chair and Scholars
Heather Nicol, Fulbright Chair in Arctic Studies (2015)
Maria Tysyachnyuk, Visiting Scholar (2015)
Gunhild Gjorv, Visiting Scholar (2016)

Applied Physics Laboratory
Polar Science Center
Harry Stern, Mathematician (2013)
Rebecca Woodgate, Senior Principal Oceanographer (2014)

College Of Arts And Sciences
American Ethnic Studies
Tetsuden Kashima, Professor (1989)
Gail Nomura, Associate Professor (2005)

American Indian Studies
Charlotte Coté, Associate Professor (2001)
Alexandra Harmon, Professor (1997)
Dian Million, Associate Professor (2001)
Mary C. Wright, Senior Lecturer (2002)

Benjamin Fitzhugh, Associate Professor (2000)
Margaret Willson, Affiliate Assistant Professor (2014)

Christopher Ozubko, Professor (1983)

Art History
Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, Visiting Lecturer (2009)
Robin K. Wright, Professor (1987)

Kathleen Fearn-Banks, Associate Professor (1992)
Philip N. Howard, Professor (2003)

Neil Bruce, Professor (1995)

French and Italian Studies
Helene V. Collins, Senior Lecturer (2014)
Denyse Delcourt, Associate Professor (1992)
Hedwige Meyer, Senior Lecturer (2014)
Richard Watts, Associate Professor (2014)

Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
Luana Ross, Associate Professor (2000)
Shirley Yee, Associate Professor (1990)

William Beyers, Professor Emeritus (1990)
Kim England, Professor (1999)
Lucy Jarosz, Professor (2013)
Matthew Sparke, Professor (2014)

John Findlay, Professor (1989)
Richard R. Johnson, Professor (1988)
Linda Nash, Associate Professor (2000)

Jackson School of International Studies
Vincent F. Gallucci, AffiliateProfessor/Chair, Canadian Studies (1994)
Nadine Fabbi, Associate Director, Canadian Studies (1999)
Don Hellmann, Professor Emeritus (2013)
Frederick Michael Lorenz, Senior Lecturer (2008)

Sharon Louise Hargus, Professor (1990)
Julia Herschensohn, Professor (1988)

College Of Built Environments
Urban Design and Planning
Daniel Abramson, Associate Professor (2001)
Branden Born, Associate Professor (2004)
Manish Chalana, Assistant Professor (2005)
Anne Vernez Moudon, Professor (1982)
Fritz Wagner, Research Professor (2007)

Michael G. Foster School of Business
Debra Glassman, Senior Lecturer (1998)

College of Education
Educational Psychology
Brinda Jegatheesan, Associate Professor (2008)

College of Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Anne Goodchild, Associate Professor (2007)
Mark Hallenbeck, Director, Washington State Transportation Center (2007)

College of the Environment
Aquatic and Fishery Sciences
Vincent F. Gallucci, Professor (1994)
Ray Hilborn, Professor (1989)

Environment & Forest Sciences
Ivan Eastin, Professor (1994)
Dorothy Paun, Associate Professor (2001)

Marine Affairs
David Fluharty, Associate Professor (1989)
Vladimir Kaczynski, Associate Professor (2005)
Robert Pavia, Associate Professor (2010)

Jody Deming, Professor (2014)
Peter Rhines, Professor (2004)

School of Law
Todd Wildermuth, Director of the UW Environmental Law Program (2011)

Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
C. Leigh Anderson, Professor (2002)

School of Public Health
Aaron Katz, Principal Lecturer (1995)
Jack Thompson, Principal Lecturer (2005)

School of Social Work
Stan de Mello, Lecturer/Practicum Coordinator (1998)
Morna McEachern, Lecturer (2010)

Cherry A. McGee Banks, Professor (2002)

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Kristy A. Leissle, Lecturer 


James W. Harrington, Tacoma Professor (1999)

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
Michael Allen, Professor (2008)
Katie Baird, Associate Professor (2007)

Social Work
Charles Emlet, Professor (2009)
Janice Laakso, Associate Professor (2004)

Linda T. Bi Biase, Collection Development Librarian (2014)
Deborah Raftus, Romance Languages & Literature Librarian (2014)
Louise Richard, Assistant Director, Odegaard Undergraduate Library and Oceanography Librarian (2014)
Sion Romaine, Canadian Studies Development Librarian (2006)

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DANIEL ABRAMSON, PhD Tsinghua University (1998), Associate Professor, Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments; Canada-US comparative studies in urban identity, conservation and design, housing and community development, urban studies in emerging/resurgent market economies and transnational communities

G. GRAHAM ALLAN, PhD University of Glasgow (1955), Professor, Forest Resources and Chemical Engineering; creativity and innovation, fiber and polymer science, forest management in the Pacific Northwest including Canada

MICHAEL ALLEN, PhD University of Washington (1985), Professor, History and American Studies, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Tacoma; North American frontiers, Pacific Northwest history in Canada and the US, Western Canadian rodeos, cowboys and cowgirls, folk and country music in Canada

C. LEIGH ANDERSON, PhD University of Washington (1989), Professor, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs; international development, trade and the environment in Canada and the US, cultural policy

KATIE BAIRD, PhD University of Massachusetts (2003), Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington, Tacoma; public sector economics, economics of education, comparative approach (Canada-US) to public economics and educational policy

CHERRY A. MCGEE BANKS, PhD Seattle University (1991), Professor, Education, University of Washington, Bothell; citizenship education in Canada and the US, national responses to diversity and maintenance of national cohesion, multicultural education, curriculum studies and instruction, social studies

KATHRYN BUNN-MARCUSE, PhD University of Washington (2007), Assistant Director, Bill Holm Center for the Study of Northwest Coast Art, Burke Museum; Visiting Lecturer, Division of Art History, University of Washington; research on indigenous Northwest Coast Art, currently focusing on body adornment.

WILLIAM BEYERS, PhD University of Washington (1967), Professor Emeritus, Geography; early settlement history in North America, Pacific Northwest history

BRANDEN BORN, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison (2003), Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments; planning process and social justice in societal decision-making, land use planning and regionalism, urban food systems in North America

NEIL BRUCE, PhD University of Chicago (1975), Professor, Business and Economics; public finance, public sector economies

MANISH CHALANA, PhD University of Colorado (2005), Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments; Urban history, digital design, historic preservation and planning, cultural resource management, vernacular cultural landscapes, South Asian immigration in North American and urban parks

HELENE V. COLLINS, PhD University of Washington (1996), Senior Lecturer, French and Italian Studies; French cinema, French for Business

CHARLOTTE COTÉ, PhD University of California, Berkeley (2002), Associate Professor, American Indian Studies; Native American law, politics, governance and sovereignty issues, Makah and Nuu-chah-nulth whaling traditions, Canada and the U.S Indian education policy, First Nation, Inuit and Métis filmmakers in Canada, Native North American women and gender issues

STAN DE MELLO, MSW, MPA Dalhousie University (1981), Lecturer and Practicum Coordinator, Social Work; cross-cultural practices, Canada’s First Nations communities and development

NATALIE DEBRAY, PhD University of Washington (2007), Lecturer, Communications; Media, memory, cultural identity, Québec

DENYSE DELCOURT, PhD University of Montreal (1987), Associate Professor, French and Italian Studies; Québecois literature, literature of French middle ages, French women and French Renaissance literature

JODY DEMING, PhD University of Maryland (1981), Walters Endowed Professor, Oceanography and Astrobiology; the influence of cold-adapted marine microorganisms on biogeochemical cycles in polar and deep-sea ecosystems, their specific adaptations to living in a porous matrix like sea ice or sediments, and the limits of life in ice formations on Earth and possibly elsewhere

LINDA DI BIASE, MA California State University Los Angeles (1984), Collection Development Librarian and Canadian Studies Selector; library collection development, Canadian studies information resources, Latin American and religious studies information resources

IVAN EASTIN, PhD University of Washington (1992), Professor, Forest Management and Engineering, Forestry and Director, Center for International Trade in Forest Products; forest products marketing

CHARLES A. EMLET, PhD Case Western Reserve University (1998), Professor of Social Work (Tacoma), HIV/AIDS in older adults in North America; HIV stigma, disclosure and service delivery; psychosocial elements of living with HIV disease in the United States and Canada

KIM ENGLAND, PhD Ohio State University (1988), Professor, Geography; urban social geographies, feminist geographies, labor markets

NADINE FABBI, MA Carleton University, Ottawa (1992), Associate Director, Canadian Studies Center; Inuit governance in Canada, history of the North, contemporary issues in the Arctic

KATHLEEN FEARN-BANKS, MS University of California, Los Angeles (1965), Associate Professor, Communications; crisis communications, public relations, Canadian media

JOHN FINDLAY, PhD University of California, Berkeley (1982), Professor, History and Director, Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest; western North America

BENJAMIN FITZHUGH, PhD University of Michigan (1996), Associate Professor, Anthropology and Director, Kodiak Archeological Field School; Arctic history, complex hunter-gatherers in North America, cultural change, spatial analyses of settlement systems

DAVID FLUHARTY, PhD University of Michigan (1977) Associate Professor, Marine Affairs; coastal environmental management

VINCENT F. GALLUCCI, PhD North Carolina State University (1971), Chair, Canadian Studies Center; Professor, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences; Affiliate Professor, Jackson School of International Studies; conservation of marine resources around the world, shark population dynamics and demography, international and world fisheries management, biostatistics; population dynamics, mathematical modeling, ecological implications for shark abundance and distribution in Puget Sound and Canada

DEBRA GLASSMAN, PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison (1980), Senior Lecturer, Michael G. Foster School of Business; international business and finance

ANNE GOODCHILD, PhD University of California, Berkeley (2005), Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; freight transportation and logistics, aviation logistics, freight transportation and air quality, freight terminal operations

MARK HALLENBECK, Director, Washington State Transportation Center, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering; the efficient and secure movement of people and freight across the Canada-US border, design and operation of transportation systems within major urban environments

SHARON LOUISE HARGUS, PhD University of California, Los Angeles (1985), Professor, Linguistics; phonology, indigenous languages including Witsuwit'en from British Columbia

ALEXANDRA HARMON, PhD University of Washington (1995), Associate Professor, American Indian Studies; history, law, and questions of ethnic identity and economic culture affecting indigenous North Americans and their descendants

JAMES W. HARRINGTON, PhD University of Washington (1982), Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at University of Washington, Tacoma; Professor, Geography; regional incidence and effects of Canadian investment in US border regions, motivations of trade policy, international economic interaction

DONALD HELLMANN, PhD University of California, Berkley (1964), Professor Emeritus, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; internationalization of the Arctic Ocean, Arctic governance, Japanese political economy and international relations, Pacific Rim relations, US foreign policy. 

ANNETTE HENRY, PhD Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto (1992) Professor, Education, University of Washington, Tacoma; multicultural education, gender, race, language and culture in education, qualitative research methodologies

JULIA HERSCHENSOHN, PhD University of Washington (1976), Professor and Chair, Linguistics; syntax, second-language acquisition

RAY HILBORN, PhD University of British Columbia (1974), Professor, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences; fisheries population dynamics and management and natural resource conservation, fishery resources of the west coast of the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia

PHILIP N. HOWARD, PhD Northwestern University (2002), Professor, Communications; political communication and the role of new media in social movements and deliberative democracy, work in new economy and e-commerce firms, application of new media technologies in addressing social inequalities in the developing world

JAROSZ, LUCY, PhD University of California, Berkley (1990), Chair and Professor, Department of Geography; foodways in Québec's history and culture

BRINDA JEGATHEESAN, PhD University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2005), Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, College of Education; sociolinguistics, multilingualism and children with autism, ethnomedical beliefs, bioethics and early intervention, disability, culture and religion, cultural psychology of child-animal bond, ethnography and case study research methods; international comparative research

RICHARD R. JOHNSON, PhD University of California, Berkeley (1972), Professor, History; early North American history and comparative colonial history that encompass Canadian history, history of the American Revolution

VLADIMIR KACZYNSKI, PhD University of Gdansk (1973), Associate Professor, Marine Affairs; human dimensions of the marine environmental change, developing and transition economies, Russian and East European ocean affairs, international strategic planning of marine resources

TETSUDEN KASHIMA, PhD University of California, San Diego (1975), Professor, American Ethnic Studies; Asian American and Canadian history, incarceration and internment of Japanese North Americans, Japanese North American attitudes and beliefs

AARON KATZ, CPH University of Toronto (1975), Principal Lecturer, Public Health, and Director, Health Policy Analysis Program; health policy, leadership, international health, market change, rural health

JANICE LAAKSO, PhD University of Texas, Austin (1999), Associate Professor, Social Work, University of Washington, Tacoma; social Policy in the US focused on families and historical approaches to social welfare, cultural diversity and social justice

KRISTY A. LEISSLE, PhD University of Washington (TBA), Senior Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell; globalization and the polar regions, feminist international political economy, global trade, sub-Saharan Africa

FREDERICK MICHAEL LORENZ, LLM National Law Center, George Washington University (1982) Senior Lecturer, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies; Canada-US comparative studies focusing on military and peacekeeping policy, Canada’s role in the International Criminal Court and the Ottawa Landmine Convention

MORNA MCEACHERN, PhD, University of Washington (2010), Lecturer, Instructor School of Social Work, Program Director, Pacific Northwest Canadian Studies Consortium. Research foci: comparative Canada/US social welfare policy teen pregnancy, indigenous and migrant issues, education

HEDWIGE MEYER, MA University of Washington (1992), Senior Lecturer, French and Italian Studies; task-based learning, language pedagogy, integration of technology in the language classroom

DIAN MILLION, PhD University of Washington (1999), Associate Professor, American Indian Studies; native family and social issues in US and Canada, native education in US and Canada, American Indian and Canadian indigenous literatures, interdisciplinary research and teaching, narrative theories

LINDA NASH, PhD University of Washington (1999), Associate Professor, History; North American environmental history, history of the North American west, twentieth-century US culture

GAIL NOMURA, PhD University of Hawai`i, Manoa (1978), Associate Professor, American Ethnic Studies; Asian American and Pacific Islander American history, ethnic studies, women’s history, race and ethnicity, Asian Canadian history, intersections and divergences in the experiences of Asians in Canada and the United States

CHRISTOPHER OZUBKO, MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art (1981), Professor and Director, Art; typography and design history

DOROTHY PAUN, PhD University of Oregon (1993), Associate Professor, Environment & Forest Sciences; finance, accounting, marketing, and management from a forest products perspective; financial statement analysis and performance review of the Canadian and US paper industry

ROBERT PAVIA, PhD University of Washington (1989), Associate Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs; Lecturer Program on the Environment; practical application of ecosystem-based management and marine protected areas; disaster science - examining oil spills to understand marine science, management, and public policy. 

DEBORAH RAFTUS, MLIS University of Washington (2005), Romance Languages & Literatures Librarian, Latin American & Caribbean Studies Librarian; research skills and information literacy in Romance Languages and Literatures and Québécois studies

PETER RHINES, PhD Cambridge University (1971), Professor, Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences; climate change and physics of deep convection in the Labrador Sea and Davis Strait, Canada, theory of the general circulation of the ocean and its waves and eddies, atmospheric and climate dynamics (particularly in the subpolar oceans), sea-going projects in high-latitude climate change, laboratory

LOUISE M. RICHARDS, MLIS University of Washington (1989), Assistant Director, Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Fisheries and Oceanography Librarian; library research skills, collection development for polar regions teaching and research, introduction to research sessions

SIÔN ROMAINE, MAS, MLIS University of British Columbia (2002), Canadian Studies Development Librarian and Project Librarian, Library Serials Services Division; collections and services related to Canadian Studies, library acquisitions and technical services

LUANA ROSS, PhD, University of Oregon (1992), Associate Professor, Department of Woman Studies, Co-Director, Native Voices American Indian Studies; Co-Director, Center for Studies with Indigenous Women in Canada and the US; Native women, Visual Sociology, Criminality/Deviance. Race/Ethnic Relations, and Indigenous Methodology

DENNIS M. RYAN, PhD University of Pennsylvania (1975), Associate Professor Emeritus, Urban Design and Planning and Director, Undergraduate Community and Environmental Planning, College of Built Environments; community-building, ethics and identity, service-learning in planning, urban place identity and interpretation, applied urban design and planning

MATTHEW SPARK, PhD University of British Columbia (1996), Professor of Geography and International Studies, Adjunct Professor of Global Health; globalization, geography, global health

HARRY STERN, Post-Master’s Study University of Washington (1982-1986), Mathematician, Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory; tracking Arctic sea ice using data including the changing sea ice habit of polar bears and narwhals in Baffin Bay

JACK THOMPSON, MSW University of Washington (1976), Principal Lecturer, School of Public Health and Community Medicine and Director, Northwest Center for Public Health Practice; public health practice, policy, organizational development and management, comparative health care delivery in Canada and the US, oversight of liaison activities with state and tribal partners and partner institutions in the six northwestern states and with tribal partners

ANNE VERNEZ-MOUDON, DSc University of Laussanne (1987), Professor, Urban Design and Planning, College of Built environments; urban and neighborhood design and urban form analysis

FRITZ WAGNER, PhD University of Washington (1974), Research Professor, Urban Design and Planning, College of Built Environments; land use/legal aspects of urban planning to health policy across urban and rural communities in developed and developing countries with a particular focus on comparative urban planning in Canada, the US and Mexico

TODD WILDERMUTH, PhD University of Illinois (2008), Director of Environmental Law Program Policy Director,Regulatory Environmental Law & Policy Clinic. Coordinates UW Law's current environmental curricular offerings, works with other faculty to increase UW's depth and stature in the field, and conducts outreach on behalf of the environmental law program

MARGARET WILLSON,  PhD London School of Economics (1989), Affiliate Assistant Professor, Anthropology; International development theory and practice, applied anthropology, sex and gender, ethnogrpahic film; area specialties: Papua New Guinea, Overseas Chinese, Brazil, Iceland

RICHARDS WATTS, PhD Yale University (1998), Chair and Associate Professor, French and Italian Studies; colonial and post-colonial Francophone literature

REBECCA WOODGATE, PhD University of Oxford (1994), Senior Principal Oceanographer, Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, Affiliate Associate Professor, Oceanography; physical oceanography, specializing in polar research, circulation of Arctic Ocean, interactions between sea-ice and the ocean, role of polar oceans in climate

MARY C. WRIGHT, PhD Rutgers University (1996), Senior Lecturer, American Indian Studies and History; native women’s history and Native American culture in North America

ROBIN K. WRIGHT, PhD University of Washington (1985), Professor, Art History and Curator, Burke Museum; Native American art and Northwest Coast Indian art

SHIRLEY YEE, PhD Ohio State University (1987), Associate Professor, Women Studies; migration of African Americans to Canada, US history, specializing in the 19th century women’s history and African American history, Chinese and Irish women’s migration history

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